Petsafe stubborn dog fence

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I know you are looking for a inGround pet containment system for your adorable dog. Choosing the right containment system for your dog is very difficult, Specially when your dog is so Stubborn. I am Shelton Ford, now going to write this PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence Reviews for dog owners who have a stubborn dog like me. So lets dig into…

Before we proceed, I would like to show you my another article containing list of Best wireless dog fence and cheap dog fence.

Are you looking for a fence for a larger dog? Moreover, is your dog is stubborn? If you say yes, then you can continue with reading but if you want to contain relatively smaller dog then this is not recommended fence for you. For Smaller and medium size dogs we recommend Innotek sd 2000 or PetSafe Ultrasmart PIG00 13619.

So let’s start.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence PIG00-10777 is solely made for the dogs which require slightly more strong correction. This InGround dog fence is particularly designed for stubborn dogs who needs strong corrections than other dogs.  It is capable of handling low as well as strong correction which is provided by a simple standard collar.

Whom is Petsafe PIG00-10777 Suitable for?

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  • For Dogs weighing 8 pounds or more.
  • For Larger stubborn dogs.
  • For dog owners who have a custom yard
  • Who need strong corrections for his dog[/su_list]

    [su_box title=”What’s Included with Petsafe PIG00-10777 !” style=”soft” box_color=”#f88d13″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”7″][su_list icon=””]

    • Transmitter
    • WaterProof Receiver collar
    • Power Adapter
    • Transmitter Mount system
    • Surge Protector
    • Wire – 500 feet
    • Training Flag – 50
    • 9-volt Battery
    • Long Contact Prongs
    • Splice Capsule
    • Wire Nut
    • Test light tool
    • Setup & Training Guide[/su_list][/su_box]


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      • Works 100% with PetSafe Indoor pods
      • Compatible with other collars of PetSafe
      • Strongest correction strength
      • Effective for Stubborn dogs[/su_list][/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_first]


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        • No- Rechargeable battery
        • No Battery backup for transmitter or control box[/su_list][/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_last]

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          PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence Reviews

          • High Power Collar
          • Amazing PetSafe Transmitter
          • Boundary Wires & Additional Accessories
          • Pods(Indoor – optional)
          • Warranty

          So let’s Dig deeper before buying one.

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          High Power Collar

          This Petsafe dog fence collar is designed in High quality and come up with for both low pain sensitivity and large dogs. We have pointed some of remarkable Features of this collar. Such as:

          4 Correction Levels

          Unlike other low budget fence this unit has total 4 Correction levels. You will get a button near the collar, by using that button you can set the correction levels. You can set appropriate correction as you dog needs. You know all dogs don’t have similar temperament, so that you can set choose the proper corrections according to your dog temperament.


          I already told you that it has a collar button near the collar to set it up proper corrections level. Thats why you may think that this collar is not waterProof. Your idea is totally wrong. Like others petsafe collar this collar is waterproof as well. Even though It has control buttons on the collar but it is 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the rusting and malfunctioning of the system.

          Cloth Strap Collar

          This might be the killer one feature of this collar. It is very comfortable for the dog and also looks nice on it. The collar can fit easily and faster in the neck dog. The material used in making the strap is red nylon cloth.

          Strongest Correction

          This is the highlight of the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence PIG00-10777. It comes with 50% extra stronger correction levels. You won’t get more strong correction than this. This is very useful for the dogs which weigh more than 100 lbs or more.

          Several breeds like Malamutes and Huskies are willful and can be corrected with the low Strength correction but get overwhelmed by the collar like this with such a high correction.

          Cross-Compatible Collar

          This is great. Now you can use this exclusive collar on any of the pet system product weather it is for little dog or In ground unit. Just mount it and configure and you are ready to go.

          This feature become very handy if you are containing dogs of different-different sizes. But be careful for smaller dogs weighing less than 12 lbs, it is recommended to used the Little dog unit which is very cheap to buy one.

          Disposable Battery

          This might hurt you, but yes, the collar has disposable battery which is not great. People prefer rechargeable battery.

          But the highlight is battery backup is more than 3-4 months so you don’t have to worry about for longer time. But in the end you have to end up with buying a new pair of batteries for continues running.

          Low battery indicator

          Low battery indicator is also included which flashed when it is at low levels. So that you don’t have to tensed if charge is ran out. Its low battery indicator will help you to charge it properly before completely ran out of charge.

          PetSafe Transmitter.

          10 Acre Capacity

          The transmitter can reach up to 3000 feet or 10 acres of boundary. This is comparatively lower as compare to price. But if you want larger and wider reach of boundary then you must go with sportDog SDF 100A which functions like this PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence PIG00-10777 but has the wide area reach.

          Boundary Alarm

          When break comes in the boundary wire the alarm get fired. It has very audible sound

          Flexible Boundary Width

          You can adjust wideness of the boundary easily. Additionally, the customization can be made to extend boundary parameter value from 0 to 10 feet. This is very useful while training period of dog.

          Boundary Wires & Additional Accessories

          If you buy this Petsafe dog fence, You will get a complete package with Specific amount Boundary wires, training flags and additional accessories to set it up this fence in your yard. You need to buy additional wire and accessories in case of needing more.

          500 feet wire with 50 flags

          You will get a good size of wire which is perfect for maximum medium yard. Additionally you can buy more 500 feet for just a small amount to increase the length.

          Direct Burial Wire

          PET coating makes the wire more durable than standard PVC coated wires.

          Tool for Collar testing

          This tool can be placed near the prongs on the collars and when collar get triggered it lights up. You can used this tester tool to test the whole system while you are performing the testing.

          Optional Inner Pods

          If you want to make sure that your dog not reaches till kitchen, or not sits on bed than you can place this little tiny pods on that particular area. This will make a circular diameter of certain feet from 2 to 12, and your dog will never reach at that point. So it is like exclusion zone of the dog. PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence PIG00-10777 also works with inner pods of its older variant.


          You will get one year of warranty. If anything happens petsafe wont charge you, but after expiry they might charge you according to the part broken.

          >>> Check Out Best Price on Amazon <<<


          PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence PIG00-10777 will be a great choice for high pain dogs which are very large in size. The strongest correction works incredible. You will get 4 progressive correction level. Collar strength is hard enough to survive when your dogs are excited.

          I hope that these petsafe stubborn dog fence reviews are helping you out for picking the correct unit for you.

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