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Looking for Cheap dog Fence? I know, probably you are tired of your neighbors complaining that your dog strays into their boundaries, your community restrict the construction of the fence around your property, Are you looking for a fence to contain your dog without having to shell out a fortune on chain-link / wooden fences bla bla bla…

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Now here is the solution, I will introduce you such dog fence which works very fine for your dog with affordable price. Unfortunately, most of Dog fences are very expensive and it will eat your both time and money.

Cheap dog fence- single dog

Moreover, you have to regularly troubleshoot and take care your fence system carefully. Below i will discuss how you could able to manage a cheap fence for your dog which works very effectively.

Then maybe it’s time for you to try a new and revolutionary method of pet confinement. A safe wireless dog containment system is what you need.

Now you are thinking that a best wireless dog fence would be expensive or exceed your budget for your dog? Now I am going to show you a great wireless dog fence which is most popular dog fence in the world pet lover.

cheap dog fence idea 01

As affordable dog fence, a Traditional dog fence is not actually cheap it will cost your bulky amount along with good effort and huge time. Believe me, wireless dog fence would be the cheap fence for your dog or other pet containment. 

Types of Fences

To Explore the dog fence, we will discuss 2 types of dog fence such as Traditional dog fence and Electric or Invisible dog fence. This Invisible or electric dog fence are divided into two part. one is In-ground dog fence and another is Wireless dog fence.

In-ground dog fence is electric dog fence need to bury wire in the yard or coverage area. Otherside, Wireless dog fence is electric dog fence where no need to bury wire in the yard. This is totally hassle free.

Though In-ground dog fence needs to bury wire in the yard and its little bit time worthy, But this is more effective dog fence then wireless dog fence in case of few circumstances.

If you have not a circular area or you need a custom shape area and also dog is very stubborn, then In-Ground dog fence is the best option for you. It will take over wireless dog fence. Rest of case wireless dog fence is very effective as well.

Traditional, In-Ground, Wireless fence Costing?

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[one_third_first]Traditional Dog fence

This is very difficult to install a traditional dog fence. For Installing Traditional dog fence, It will eat your 3/5 days if you do it by an expert, otherwise it will take more than 1 week. Most Fabulous this is you have to spend $3k to $6k depends on quality of material.


[one_third]In-ground Dog Fence

In-ground dog fence has medium difficulty than wireless dog fence but its only for one time. You just spend 1/2 days for very first time and then be rest assured. Its don’t need to repair or trouble shoot regularly as other dog fence. Its very stable and robust performance.


[one_third_last]Wireless Dog Fence

Wireless dog fence is the best method for those guy who wanna get hassle free and portable dog fence as well as cheap dog fence. Both in-ground and wireless dog fence are very very cheap than Traditional dog fence. You can check our link below for its price.


Traditional Cheap Dog fences:

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As a responsible pet owner its your main responsibility to make sure that your pet stays in your yard and does not get lost or get into poisonous substances, or God forbid! get hit by a car. There a many Traditional dog fence to confine your dog. Some of the traditional dog fence include building dog fence using wood or chain. A major downside to such an arrangement is, first and foremost its not a pleasing sight and also it can be very expensive. Plus it will empty your pocket, if you have a large yard.

Traditionally different types of dog fences are used by dog owners to keep the dog safe from other dogs and to stop exploring the neighborhood:

Wooden Fences:

These are one of the most expensive and sadly the most common. Infact this is the most popular in the world of traditional dog fence. It needs very good amount of money to set it up in your yard.

Though its not very effective for large dog. Because large dog can jump over this wooden fence. The only solution is to make this fence with very high wooden pile. There were also few limitations of this fence:

  • Dog could not able to view the outside seen
  • Your dog may get boring and dull
  • Very expensive, it may cost around 3k for a medium yard
  • Not compatible for large yard
  • Not very effective for Big size dog.
  • Bad weather will destroy this fence gradually.

Picket fences:

Although these are better looking than wooden fences, but there are gaps from which small animals cannot be kept out. For Those people are very fond of good looking about their yard are perfect this Picket fence.

Most advantage of this fence is it will decorate your house along with yard properly. But its not very effective for both Small and Big size dogs. Below is given some of its limitations:

  • Its a barrier to see outside for dog
  • Not appropriate for small and large dog
  • Its very very expensive, it will cost around 5k for a medium size yard.
  • Not appropriate for large area.
cheap dog fence idea 03

Split-Rail fences:

These are affordable kind of wooden plank fences with Cris-cross design , but cannot keep small pets from tunneling their way out. This is the another cheap fence in Traditional class.

Unfortunately, This Split Rail fences is like thrown out your money in the water. The wooden pile will be set maintaining far distance, so that small pets or dogs will go through this fence. Below is given its disadvantage:

  • Less effective than other Traditional Dog Fence
  • Looks not very good
  • Actually Not Appropriate for most of dogs.

Chain-link Fences:

Chail Link fences are most popular in the world for its effectiveness. Its very effective than any other traditional dog fence for all kinds of pets and dogs. Dogs sizes are no matter. It can confine all sizes dog within its area.

Its also looking good and maintain the security of your dog properly from hijacking or stealing. More over your dog can see the view of outside through this fence. Also you can keep your eyes on your dog inside this fence.

But Problem is that this dog fence is most costly and expensive in the world. You have to spend a good amount of money to set this up. You will need more than $6k to set it up.

But if you can setup this fence for one time costing, it will last very long time and you can rest assured. It will increase your house and yard beauty as well as security. Below is given few of its limitations:

  • Main problem is very Costly
  • Rain or bad weather can harm this iron chain link fence gradually
  • Not Good decision for installing in large area

So, after looking into all these traditional method, we conclude that a wireless setup is best as cheap dog fence for containing your canine best friend.

Invisible dog fence

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Now you might be thinking whether a wireless pet fence will burn a huge hole in our pocket. Don’t worry! i can assure you that it will not cost you as big money that building a wooden or chain fence around your house. In fact invisible dog fence is cheapest fence for your dog.  And as a major plus point it will give your pet the freedom it has always wanted. In addition to that, this system is very flexible with boundaries, which you can change according to your desire.

Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio and Wi-Fi Transmitter a great alternative and a better way to keep your dogs in your sight and it is also cost effective.. Its pet-friendly and does not make you feel like a heartless owner who keeps his pets in a jail sort of environment.

The dog wears a light-weight collar that sends out a warning signal when the dog approaches the “fence-less” border.When the warning is ignored by the pet and it crosses the boundary, it receives a mild shock which teaches it not to cross the boundary next time.

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Features of this cheap dog fences are:

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  • The radio signal activates when the pet moves away from the premises.
  • The collar uses GPS signals to identify the border-line to a virtual fence.
  • It includes extra cord in case the boundary needs to be expanded.


[pullquote align=”normal”]There are some misconceptions regarding Wireless Dog fences. People think that the setup and the installation can cost a lot. But you might be surprised to know that Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog fences which does not cost much. It’s a way less than what a traditional chain-link fence or a wooden fence would cost. [/pullquote]

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Traditional dog fence Vs This wireless fence

Another hassle with traditional dog fences are that their maintenance costs are very high and can be a nightmare. But this Wireless Dog Fences make your and also your dog’s life easier as they are very user friendly and easy to install.

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  • It is a perfect combination of wonderful features like: Quick installation, Adjustable collar settings , Portability and Reliability
  • Multiple pets can be contained in this single fence.
  • It is 100% safe and you don’t have to be worried about your dog falling prey to another dog.
  • It creates a “safe zone” for your dog and a headache-free life for you.


So, if you are looking for a cheap dog fence way to keep your dog on your property without having to erect an expensive and unattractive wooden or chain-link fence, and have been doing your research online, you will know that this Wireless dog fence is the hottest thing going at the moment.

In this article, we have discussed a short Features of Friendly Pet products presented wireless dog fence. If you like to know more about this wireless dog fence model, we have a detail review on this product. To read this wireless fence review Click here. And if you would like to read top 5 best wireless dog fence reviews with comparison, then click here.

Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio and Wi-Fi Transmitter

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