Looking for a safe and effective wireless dog fence with affordable price and larger coverage area? Then you are looking at the right product that can serve your purpose. Friendly Pet Products bring the best deal in the market for wireless dog fence for large area or yards. Let’s take a short tour on this wireless dog fence long range product and have an expert review:

wireless dog fence for large areaWhom is Dog Fence System Suitable for?

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#47cd2f”]

  • Who wants a larger coverage area
  • Have more than one dog
  • Who wants to avoid complex installation process
  • Individuals who want to train their dogs in a friendly, safe and smart way[/su_list]

    [su_box title=”Accessories included in the box:” style=”soft” box_color=”#f88d13″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”7″][su_list icon=”https://presidentpet.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Tick-02.png”]

    • Fence Transmitter
    • Wireless Receiver Collar
    • 500 ft Fence Cord
    • 50 Boundary Marker Flags
    • Spare Fuse
    • LED Test Light
    • Precision Screwdriver
    • Extended Contact Points
    • 9V Battery
    • Wire Connectors
    • Power Adapter
    • Mounting Hardware[/su_list][/su_box]


      [thrive_custom_box title=”Pros” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#F7FCF4″ border=”#03c100″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#47cd2f”]

      • Easy to setup and safe for your pet
      • Collars are 100% waterproof
      • Can be used more than one dog
      • Free 500 ft fence cord (included in the box)
      • The fence is expandable up to 5 acres with 4000 feet of cord
      • Step by step instruction with easy installation guide
      • 24 hours customer support[/su_list][/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_first]


        [thrive_custom_box title=”Cons” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#db4c27″]

        • Digging for in-ground fence
        • No digging tools are provided in the box
        • Syncing problem may happen sometimes between the transmitter and the collar[/su_list][/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_last]

          Amazing features of this product:

          Larger Coverage Area

          Literally, this product can provide unlimited coverage according to your need. With a cord of 4000 ft, you can cover 5 acres of area. This is a great benefit for people with larger backyard than average. To ensure proper functionality of the transmitter, you need to use one transmitter per 5 acres of area coverage. So this product is definitely recommended for you if you are looking for wireless dog fence for large area.

          Safe for Your Pet

          Safety is the main concern of this product. The collar provided with this product is completely waterproof. Additionally, the collar includes 5 correction levels from lower level to a higher level. Depending on your need, you can use any level suitable for you. For example, if you have a stubborn dog which is hard to train, you can use this product very safely.

          Graphical and Easy Setup Guide

          Setting up a fence for your dog can be very difficult and can take your valuable time and energy. But here is the solution for all your troubles!!! Fast setup guide that is provided with the box can guide you and save a lot of troubles comparing to other products available in the market.

          Awesome Customer Support

          Support is another great feature that you might like about this product. Friendly pet products company provides awesome 24 hours customer support. Having a difficulty with the accessories provided in the box? You can just contact with one of their customer support agents and find the required solution. You can also replace any accessories if you don’t like its performance.

          Perfectly Adjustable for All Types of Dogs

          This product uses 5 levels of correction which is very suitable for dogs with different behaviors.  Some dogs are hard to train but you don’t need to worry about the selection of a suitable product. This product can train dogs of any types. If your dog is very stubborn type, you can select a higher level of correction to train. In a nutshell, size doesn’t matter!!!

          Fully Customizable Layout

          You can fully customize the layout of the in-ground fence which makes this product more attractive!!! It’s very effective when your backyard or area you want to cover is in odd shapes. You can fence around any shape you want. You can also make any area passable by simply twisting the cord. So it’s very easy to customize the fence, according to your need.

          Satisfactory Performance Guaranteed

          This product has already managed to receive highest customer reviews on numerous online market places. A lot of satisfactory reviews are available there from customers. You can easily make decision about ordering it right away. This proves a higher satisfaction level of customers after using this product.

          Secured Investment

          After all, you will invest your hard earned money on this product. So as an honorable customer, it is your right to decide on which product you should invest and which one should be avoided. After analyzing all the benefits stated above, you can easily decide whether you are satisfied with your investment or not. From an expert point of view, all that I can say is, this is a secure investment considering the state of the art technologies used in this product and its money refund policy. You can be assured that your investment in this product is secured.

          Refund Policy

          The manufacturer of this product will provide 100% lifetime money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the performance of this product, you can refund at anytime. Refund policy is followed strictly and you will receive your investment very shortly after complain. You can also change any accessories under the refund scheme. If you want to replace any particular accessories or face any trouble using it, you can call the customer care. They will replace the product for you very shortly.

          Tips for Using this Dog Fence

          Some tips for using this dog fence are given below for your convenience:

          • Be playful and interactive with your dog during training period.
          • Give some gifts to your dog during training sessions for adjustment to the new system.
          • Shorter training periods are more effective. Average training time should be 10-15 minutes.
          • Completing the whole training process is advised for a better result.

          In The End

          After considering all features and benefits of this product, one can easily make up one’s mind. You can easily get the answer now why this is the best wireless dog fence for large area or yards. As an expert, I would highly recommend you to buy this product because of its large area, fair price, higher customer satisfaction reviews, long lasting waterproof collar system and easy installation. So make the right decision for best wireless dog fence long range and give freedom to your little friend!!!

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