Can Dogs Eat Cherries- What Should You Know

If you have a pet dog, you know that how tempted it becomes when it sees your food. And cherries are no different. This red, fresh fruit attracts the attention of your pup not only because of its bright color but also because of its sweet taste and smell. As your furry friend are attracted to this fruit and also wants to eat it, you might also want to treat it with cherries to make it happy.

However, do you know if cherries are safe for your pup or not? Do you have any idea about the health risk cherries might impose on your pet?

Well, keep on reading to find out more about cherries and dogs, and then decide whether you should feed your pup this fruit or not.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

If you ask us whether your dog can eat cherries, our answer would be no. No, dogs cannot eat cherries in any shape or form. Even though fresh cherries are an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, we are still not recommending them for your furry friend because of several reasons.

To start with, cherries are sweet fruit. This means that they have high sugar content in them. Even though sugary fruits are sweet and your dog also loves them, they can cause several health problems and might even lead to death. Sugar not only upset the stomach or cause cavity in the pet’s teeth but also results in seizures and strokes in some extreme cases.

Aside from the high sugar content, cherry can also be extremely dangerous for your beloved pet if you give it with the stem and seeds. Cherry seeds and stem has a low concentration of cyanide in them [a type of toxin] and can cause the immediate death of your pet if consumed in a large amount. If your pup chews the seed and breaks it, the toxin will get released and harm it nevertheless.

On the other hand, if it swallows the seed or stem, it can potentially suffer from intestinal obstruction and block the digestive system resulting in severe health problems.

As cherries have so many problems, it’s best that you don’t give this fruit to your dog to maintain its health and wellness.

Why Cherries Are Bad for Your Dog? What is Cherry Poisoning?

There are several reasons cherries are bad for your precious little puppy, one of which is cherry poisoning. However, before discussing why this tempting fruit is poisonous for the dog, let’s talk a bit about the other reasons we consider cherries to be bad for dogs.

Resources: The Dog Digest

For starters, cherries are high in sugar content. Sugar is extremely bad for dogs because it can upset the stomach and cause other health hazards including vomiting, dizziness, seizures and even death. Moreover, if your dog is diabetic, cherries can immediately send it to a coma.

Another health hazard of cherries that you must know about is that the seeds and stem of this fruit can cause blockage in the stomach. If your pet swallows them without chewing, they will get stuck in the intestine and result in quite a few health problems.

But the real problem occurs when your pup chews the stem and seeds. The seeds and stem of cherries contain cyanide, a deadly chemical that can cause death in any living creatures in a matter of minutes. When it breaks the seed while chewing, the cyanide is released causing cherry poisoning in your beloved furry friend.

Symptoms of Cherry Poisoning in Dogs

If, by any chance, your favorite pet eats a cherry and you come to know that, look for the following symptoms to find out if it’s suffering from poisoning or not.

Some of the prominent symptoms that indicate cherry poisoning in dogs are:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Abnormal heart rate
  • Dilated pupils
  • Bright red mucous
  • Cherry-red gums
  • Salivation
  • Shock
  • Seizures
  • Death
Resources: dogsnet.com

What about Maraschino Cherries, Cherries without Pits, Or Canned Cherries?

Cherries have a lot of varieties. From Bing to black rainier, and maraschino- there are different types of this tropical fruit that you would find in the market. And all of them are bad for your precious dog, including Maraschino Cherries.

Even though this special type of cherry comes without a pit, we still don’t recommend it for your pup. This is because the maraschino cherries are high in sugar, which means that they will cause severe health problems in your pet.

Similar to maraschino cherries, any other cherries without pits are also toxic for your pup. They all are high in sugar content and will definitely harm your furry friend in one way or the other.

Moreover, if you are thinking to introduce canned cherries to your dog, then think twice. Canned cherries are twice as bad as fresh ones. The high sugar content along with the preservatives makes for a toxic combo and will result in a number of health issues in your pet.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Cherries?

We have mentioned before that cherries, in any form or shape, are bad for your dog. And therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are feeding dried cherries or fresh ones, cherries are a big NO, NO for your little furry friend.

Cherries are naturally sweet with high sugar content. And when they come in dried form, the sugar content is even higher making them extremely unhealthy and toxic for your precious dog.

Moreover, even though dried cherries are pitted, there are high chances that some parts still remain in the fruit and cause severe health and digestive problems when eaten by your dog.

What to Do if My Dog Swallows a Whole Cherry?

There is no denying that cherries are extremely tempting for your dog. The sweetness of this fruit is loved by your pet incredibly. And that’s why it would want to have cherries in every chance it gets. However, if your favorite furry friend eats a whole cherry when you are not paying attention, then don’t panic. A single cherry flesh or pit won’t cause severe harm to your pup.

But then again, even though a single cherry won’t kill your dog, don’t forget to look for cherry poisoning symptoms in it. If you notice even one of the above discussed symptoms, don’t hesitate to rush to the hospital.

What Are Some Safe Alternatives of Cherries?

As cherries are not the best fruit for your beloved dog, you can always give some other fruits to it as a treat to make it happy and healthy.

Some of the most common alternatives to cherries for your pup are:


Blueberries can be an excellent alternative to cherries. This superfood [or super-fruit] is not loaded with sugar and therefore, doesn’t cause any health problems in your precious pup. In fact, as it has high antioxidants and fiber content, this fruit can actually be beneficial for the dog. It aids in cell repair and makes it even healthier and more active.


Apples are another great alternative to cherries to make your pet happy. This amazing tropical fruit is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C and offers some extraordinary health benefits to the little pup. When you remove the seeds and the core, an apple would be an amazing treat for your furry friend.


You can also treat your little furry friend with ripe mango instead of cherries to ensure safety and good health. This sweet and fleshy fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals, and won’t cause any health hazards to your dog. However, similar to apples, don’t forget to take out the put and the seed before serving it.


If your dog loves fruits, you can give it fresh peaches instead of cherries. As peaches are loaded with vitamin A and fiber they offer a number of health benefits to the pup. But then again, always make sure to serves fresh ones over the canned peaches. Canned ones have added sugar and other preservatives that have the potential to harm your pet severely.

Wrapping Up

Cherries are a great fruit for human. But for dogs, it’s just the opposite. As tempting and mouth-watering as the cherries look, they can cause severe health problems and even death in your dog. And therefore, you must keep this fruit at arm’s length from your favorite furry friend.

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