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Are you looking for containing a dog but you are not able to find a great fence for it? Well, then this Petsafe Ultrasmart Pig00 13619 Review might give you what you are looking for.

Last time I have reviewed Innotek sd 2000. It was great for one who is a bit tight on budget. But the lack of rechargeable battery backup and no adjustable collar may distract you from the deal. Further, You will get more wireless dog fence reviews here.

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Ultimately I came up with something, broadly I can say upgraded version of it(Innotek sd 2000) i.e. PetSafe Ultrasmart PIG00-13619So why You should read this Petsafe Ultrasmart pig00 13619 review and buy one?

Also, do you know why this is the first choice of all the dog containing owner? Let’s find out. First Impression: I liked the product very much and this is a huge upgrade over other products. I liked the collar and battery backup along with the add-ons and transmitter.

Whom is Petsafe Ultrasmart PIG 00-13619 fence Suitable for?

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#47cd2f”]

  • For Dogs weighing 8 pounds or more.
  • For Larger Area Installation. Up to 5 Acre with Additional wire.
  • For dog owners who have a custom yard
  • Who need inground dog fence[/su_list]

    [su_box title=”What’s Included with Petsafe UltraSmart PIG 00-13619 – In Ground Pet Fence !” style=”soft” box_color=”#f88d13″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”7″][su_list icon=””]

    • Transmitter with Mount system
    • Both Rechargeable and adjustable collar
    • Power Adapter
    • Charger for Receiver collar
    • Surge Protector
    • Interchangeable contact Prongs
    • Wire – 500 feet
    • Training Flag – 50
    • Splice Capsule
    • Wire Nut
    • Test light tool
    • Contact Point wrench
    • Setup & Training Guide[/su_list][/su_box]


      [thrive_custom_box title=”Things We Liked” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#F7FCF4″ border=”#03c100″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#47cd2f”]

      • To ensure the proper collar contact : Ready Test feature
      • Both Outdoor and Indoor Pod Compatibility
      • Collar Fit with very slimline Collar
      • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery in Collar
      • No external controls
      • Easy to setup
      • 2 Training mode available[/su_list][/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_first]


        [thrive_custom_box title=”Things We Didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#db4c27″]

        • Plastic Collar band instead of having Rudder
        • No setting for Independent correction[/su_list][/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_last]

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          Features of Petsafe Ultrasmart PIG00-13619

          1. Rechargeable Slim collar
          2. Boundary Wire
          3. Transmitter
          4. Outdoor / Indoor Zones.
          5. Warranty

          Let’s dig deeper one by one…

          Rechargeable Slim Collar

          This is a killer feature of the unit and looks so appealing on your dog. You can’t complain about its performance and durability.

          Very Slim and light

          This unit has one of the thinnest and long full-size containment collar for any size of a dog. So You don’t have to worry about it.

          The collar is ultra thin and correctly fits along with the adjustment knobs in your dog neck. It looks very less obtrusive when you put it into the neck. Unlike other collars for big size dogs, it is very slim and compact.

          The weight of the collar is ultralight so you can use it on the 6 KG dog. Otherwise, if you want smaller unit then you must go with Petsafe Little version of Dog fence.

          Rechargeable LiOn (Lithium Ion) Battery

          I guess you must be knowing about LiOn batteries and their long last charging time. So this smart collar is fully rechargeable. Now you don’t have to worry about batteries and its price. It takes only 2 hours to charge it and last for near about 2 months.

          Short as well as Long contact Prongs.

          First of all now, you can easily unscrew the prongs with the help of tools that comes with the unit. Additionally, in the standard system you will get both Long as well as short Prongs.

          In case if your dog is having long hairs then use the long prongs and if want to contain a dog with small hairs then small prongs are the best choice for yours.

          Free from external controls.

          This is great. You will not get any control buttons on the collar which makes it more durable and waterproof. All the controls are placed in the transmitter box.

          Along with it, you will get a couple of yellow color no correction caps which is useful in starting days of training. These can be placed all over the prongs just as to prevent any kind of correction.

          No Levels for Independent Correction

          Yes, but it is true, You won’t get any Independent correction level. It means if you want to use this unit for different size of dogs then it may give you some trouble. But mostly Three Progressive Correction Levels are quite enough for you.

          So according to your need just set it to high, medium or low. Basically, this correction range can be suitable for all the dog with the exception like Pitbulls, German shepherd, or Dobermans.In that case, PetSafe Stubborn will be best.

          Additionally, you will get a plastic band and very quiet beep which is not loud so that trainer can hear that.

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          Boundary Wire

          This is a Essential part as a inground dog fence. You just need to bury wire along your yard. It includes very high quality wire for your dog fence package.

          20 gauge wire of Standard 500 feet.

          Burial Rated wire – It means it can able to hold much better than those electrical wire, Additionally it is surrounded by PET jacket.

          Professional Gauge Wire – You can upgrade the basic 20 gauge wire to 14, 16, or 18 gauge wire. In fact, 14 is the professional grade wire.Look, if your installation is small then please don’t upgrade it. It will be the no-brainer.

          But in case of very large installations, then more thicker wires are quite useful but they cost accordinglyBasically, 18-20 acres can be covered with this gauge wire.

          Tester Tool – The system also comes with the tester tool which is blue in color. This enables you to check the collar and transmitter are working correctly.


          25 Acre Capacity– Now transmitter can able to create 5000 feet which are nearly 25 acres boundary. And with this range, it becomes one of the top unit for dog fence.

          Included Battery Backup– In case there is no power outage. You just have to put 8 AA batteries and you will be done. It gives almost 2-3 days of battery backup. Mainly power failure never occurs if you are living at the urban site. so this become useless feature, but worth to include it.

          Now included Lighting protection module – The unit comes with Lighting protection module. So before executing it into transmitter it executes on boundary wire and less damage occurs. Eventually in case of lightning boundary wire protects the transmitter and saves your $40.

          Adjustable boundary – Boundary is actually the total distance at which collar start beeping. Now you can adjust the boundary distance using the dial placed on the transmitter.

          Outdoor / Indoor Zones

          Well, you may want to restrict some areas from being visited by your dog. In that case, this little battery powered and good looking pods become handy. These pods create exclusion zones of circular geometry ranging from 3 to 12 feet diameter.

          Your dog will never able to enter in these exclusion zones. Now you can keep your dog away from your bed or sofa cushion. Just place the pods near the restricted areas and you are done.

          You will glad to know that The Petsafe Ultra smart pig00 12619 is the only unit which has both outdoor / Indoor zones. No other product of petsafe has this feature.


          You will get one year warranty. In case something is broken then it may cost $30 to $40 to fix it, basically, it depends on what is broken. But in the end this is very reliable and high build quality unit.

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          Final Verdict

          Petsafe ultrasmart pig00 13619 is a great choice if your are looking for more durable and customized unit. In the terms of your dog’s comfort, this is the right choice. And Ultimate Value for money.
          Hope You liked my petsafe Ultrasmart pig00 13619 review, I tried to cover everything which was possible and made things easier for you.

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