Seresto Flea And Tick Collar Reviews – The Best Flea Collar for Dogs or Cats

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Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

The Best Flea Collar for your dog or cat to keep fleas off from furry coat

You may looking for your dog fleas treatment. To cure this problem, Seresto Flea And Tick Collar is right choice for your dog or cat. This flea and tick collar will remove all of flea from your dog coat very effectively. Now we are going to discuss Seresto Flea And Tick Collar Reviews including what is Seresto collar? How it works? Is it right for your Dog or cat? and also Pros and cons bla bla bla.

You already know about fleas and ticks. They tend to disturb your dog continuously. As a result, your dog doesn’t stay calm and start itching its body. You also know there are lots of flea control ingredients. They are mainly pesticide types. They are potentially harmful to your children and cats. Also, you need to be careful about your hands too.

Your dog needs to be applied flea controlling products regularly. That is usually once in every month. You may forget to apply that on time. Here is an easy solution. Try a seresto flea and tick collar around your dog’s neck.

What is seresto Flea and Tick collar

This collar is like a belt. It contains odorless ingredients. This collar repeals fleas away from your dog. Some ingredients directly attack nervous systems of the fleas. Some collars contain organic oil while some others contain chemical insecticides. Besides, many collars contain ambers which produce a little static electricity. If you apply a collar on your dog, you will be free of tension for up to eight months. There are two sizes of the collar. One is for dogs those are below 18 pounds. The rest other is for larger dogs. You may use the small ones on your cats too. A puppy can wear this collar at the age of 7 weeks old.

If you want to buy a seresto belt, try to find the word ‘bayer’ at the top of the packet. Because ‘bayer’ is the manufacturing company of the seresto belts. This pharmaceutical company has a higher reputation worldwide.

A seresto collar is designed for your dog’s comfort. It has a two-way release mechanism. For this, if the dog’s collar stuck with something, the dog will be able to free itself.

How it works

Simply set this collar around your dog’s neck. This seresto flea and tick collar slowly release the ingredients with controlled dosage. When the collar is with contact of the dog’s skin, the ingredients gradually releases. Fleas and ticks don’t like to stay near those ingredients. The active ingredients of seresto collar are ‘imidacloprid’ and ‘flumethirin’. They are insecticides. They create sensory blockages of flea’s and tick’s nervous system. As a result, fleas and ticks become paralysed and die.

This collar is able to clear fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours from your dog’s coat. After eight months, just replace this collar with a new one.

This collar is waterproof. So, don’t have a tension for losing its active function. Your dog may join you with this collar on your swimming pool. Chemicals of this collar won’t wash away.

Chemical ingredients of this collar
  • Flumethrin 4.5%
  • Imidacloprid 10%
  • Other Ingredients 85.5%
  • Total 100% 

Is Seresto right for you?

There is a proverb. That is, “you get what you pay for”. This collar seems to be more expensive. But, this collar effectively works for about eight months. On the other hand, other branded collars work about four to six months. So, seresto is a reasonably priced product in spite of a high market price. This is not actually a luxury product too. Also, don’t worry about its effectiveness. It will work with high performance at the end of its validity.

In rural areas, your dog may get attacked by fleas and ticks. Because those insects are available in plenty in those regions. Seresto collars will help you to fight against those insects for eight months. You don’t need to apply flea treatment too often.

A few cases, side effects were reported against the use of seresto collar. Some collars caused skin irritation around the collar area. In rarest cases, seizures were needed.

General Pros and Cons of the seresto flea and tick collar

Advantage of Seresto Flea Collar
  • This collar is waterproof. You can bathe your dog monthly with this collar. If your dog loves swimming, you may allow. The chemicals of this collar will not easily wash away.
  • This collar provides you with the benefit like ‘fix it and forget it’. This collar kills fleas and ticks effectively. Also, you can remove this collar easily in emergency cases.
  • Eight-month length of protection is an excellent feature of this collar. No other collar has longevity like this one.
  • Fleas and ticks are instantly killed if the touch this collar.
  • This collar is odourless. Your dog don’t feel uncomfortable.
  • This collar leaves no residue on dog’s skin. Using other products cause a little messy environment. This collar is dry. You do not need to use either oil or cream as insecticides.
  • All the dogs older than 7 weeks can wear this collar.
  • You can use this collar effectively in the tropical environment.
  • This collar is a little bit costly. But this will save your money. Just calculate and find it!!
  • Vets and professionals recommend this Collar.

Weakness of Seresto Flea Collar
  • This collar is initially pricier than others.
  • Effects of this collar are not visible too early.
  • Your dog can easily separate this collar from itself. So, there remains a security concern.
  • If this collar is soaked with water too often, it may not work properly. For this reason, do not let your dog swim too often.
  • In some cases, dogs were troubled with skin irritation from this collar.
  • This collar is simple and available only in two sizes. Doesn’t come with more colours

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Final verdict

Now you know detailed about this seresto flea and tick collar. So, research yourself before buying this product. Read all the instructions provided with this collar. Be sure about this collar’s using methods.

Also, try to focus your needs. If you don’t like to groom your dog too often, this collar will be helpful. Because you don’t need to apply insecticides every month. You will be tension free for eight months. Also, you will be free from direct contact with other chemicals. Your dog will also feel comfort. If you don’t want to cost too much once, you may search other alternatives.

All above, this collar will save your money in the long run. No other products can give you service for a long time. You can apply shampoo or others on your dog with this collar. That won’t decrease the performance of this collar. So, the decision is yours. I have explained all the criteria of a seresto collar.