Keeping dogs out of your yard, flower bed, garden, lawn or anywhere else is not so easy. Probably  you are suffering from this problem. May be you have tried lots of tricks to keep out your dogs out of your yard, flower bed, garden. Or any unwanted place where you don’t want them to visit there.

I know it’s very disturbing, One side is your adorable dog and another side problems are created by this dog. One major problem is that your dog may dig your garden or such place. But you can’t Protect those place from your dog. There are solutions. Don’t be tensed!

This post will be little bit bigger. Because i tried to discuss here all the way to keep dog out of yard. In Most of place, you will find 5 ways, 10 ways or something like this. Accidentally they missed lots of tricks.

How to keep dogs out of your yard, flower bed or Garden:

There are few unbeatable tricks i am going to share with you to keep your dogs out of your yard, flower bed, garden, lawn or any other place. By applying this one of any tricks below you will be able to don’t visit them those place.  Below is given those tricks:

Dog Repellent:

Dog Repellent is the most popular method in the world of dog lover to keep the dog out of the yard. Dog Repellent is a liquid or granule element which odor smells are disliked by your dog or most of the pets.

You have to sprinkle or spray these dog repellent over the yard or place you want. So the dog would not like to go there.

But there is a problem with dog repellent: This is not any sustainable or durable solution to keep your dogs out of yard. You have to reuse or apply after vanishing its effectiveness.

Rain or water will wash away this dog repellent either it will lose its effectiveness over time.  So you have to reapply dog repellent in your yard, garden, flowerbed or any other place if you make it successful regularly.

There are lots of dog repellents in the market. Even You can make this dog repellent yourself in the home. Below i am going to discuss this homemade dog repellent tricks.

Pet Barrier:

Pet Barrier would be very smart choice to keep out your dogs from your yard if you have a little bit budget. Pet barrier is a smart electronic device which keeps away your dogs from certain places such as yard or garden or something else.

It will give warning or corrections to your dog in case they try to cross your given border or area. So that your dog or pet will never cross the line. You can save your multiple areas simultaneously with this single device.

You don’t have to keep eyes on them 24 hours. just purchase and setup them one time and rest assured for a long time. The Success rate of this pet barrier is 100% Guaranteed. There are lots of pet barrier device in the market. But the most popular pet barrier is PetSafe Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier.

Custom Shape inground fence:

Custom shape inground fence is another electronic way like pet barrier device. Like pet barrier Inground dog fence is an electronic dog fence which can keep your dogs out of your yard very effectively.

It contains Transmitter and Receiver Collar. The dog will wear the receiver collar and get a static correction if they tried to pass your given area. You can set this area as a custom shape. You can exclude your garden, flowerbed, swimming pool or another place from dogs roaming area. So that your dogs will not be able to go these places.

There are also different kinds of inground dog fence. It varies quality, range, price etc. But the most effective and popular inground pet fence is Friendly Pet Products Dog fence and Petsafe PIF – 300.

Motion Activated Sprinkler

Most animals and pets including dogs don’t like to get shower or touch in water. We can leverage this characteristic of dogs. So what should we do? Will we stand all the time by garden and spray water on them? Absolutely not!

There is always a smart way to do this. Motion activated Sprinkler is the solution to make it easy.  This is an electronic device we need to set it up in the garden or flower bed. It will automatically spray water upon your dog if they insert in the garden or flower bed. Is it not smart?

This smart device automatically detects moving object or animal and spray on them by its Advance Motion detector technology. The most famous motion activated sprinkler are made by Havahart is the world leading pet products maker.

Using  Vinegar:

Now it’s time to go to your kitchen and take vinegar to use them in your yard. Vinegar can resist dog from coming into the yard. Dogs and other animals can’t tolerate the smell of vinegar even after drying.

If you spray vinegar in your garden or yard, it will save from your dog harm around 1 week. unless there is no rain.

After raining there, vinegar will wash away with rain water and yard will lose the odor of vinegar. So that after raining, you will have to reapply vinegar to protect garden, yard from you naughty dog.

Using Spicy thing:

Dogs don’t like Spicy thing such as pepper. We can make a mixture using water and pepper powder to spray over the yard. The mixture can be applied garden or a specific place to protect dog from coming in.

You can use only pepper powder in the yard to wok it. This method also effective. But for this, you have to use more pepper powder than water mixture. Water mixture can save your pepper powder.

If your dog takes a sniff from applied area, he will stay away from that place. So try to apply it after a period of time to make the process successful.

Planting Lavender:

Most people like the smell of lavender plants. Unlike human dog don’t like it. This smell bothers them very much. If you want to keep your dog out of your yard, garden or flower bed or any other place, you can plant Lavender in your yard or lawn to protect  the dog from come in.

Just plant them decorated in a disciplined row. It would be a very organic way to keep the dog out and healthy as well. Moreover, it will work a long time until lavender gone die or wipe out.

without this Lavender, any kind of prickly or thorny plants will work very efficiently. Because dogs don’t like to get poked or thorny things. They always willing to stay away from thorny objects.

Make the Rosebush prickly:

Another great organic idea is to leverage the rosebush to protect the dog. Most of animals including dogs dog like prickly or thorny plants or things.

So plant the rose tree around the yard or garden and prune them strategically for erecting prickly bush. You know rose plants are thorny by born. so you don’t need to clear those thorn while pruning.

These thorns can work as a dog or another animal protector. Not only rosebush but also all kind of prickly plants are effective for this strategy.

Using Ammonia:

Man don’t like ammonia even they can’t tolerate this for its odor. Like man, Ammonia bothers the dog. All dogs can’t stand the bad smell of ammonia.

You can use a Stink bomb or ammonia to protect your yard from coming in. Of course, it’s not durable and best way to keep them out of the yard. But it works.

Using Bitter Stuff:

Dogs don’t like bitter stuff as well. So there is a way to use bitter stuff to deter the dog from coming. Most of the tropical people use this trick since they have lots of bitter oranges and used coffee grinds.

Main elements for this trick is to use bitter orange. You can dissolve bitter orange then mix used coffee grind on it. Bitter orange is heavy oily, so it will not wash away by rain easily.

Bitter orange stands against rain water better than pepper and another repellent. In addition, we will add used coffee grind on it. Coffee grind is great organic fertilizer for the garden.

Burry Balloons:

It’s very funny and weird when you read using Balloons for dog repellent. Lets do this funny tricks.

So fill some balloons with air and bury them in the area your dog likes to go. Normally your dogs will fascinate to see the colorful balloons for the first time. But when dog strikes first balloon and gets burst, Your dog will be frightened and stay away from that place.

When dog will see the same balloon later in another place, it will never get brave to touch it again. Eventually, the dog will stay away from these places.

Though it’s not any sustainable or longtime solution, you may use this method it to keep out your dog from the yard.

Make a dig pit:

Making  a dig pit for your dog may a good solution to keep them out of your yard. For this method, it is needed to dig pit deeply around those place (Garden, yard, flowerbed etc.) to protect from coming your dog in.

Most of the time gardener don’t want to dig the pit around the garden. Because they always try to increase their garden beauty. Dig pit may cause of decreasing the beauty of garden or yard. But this is a good solution to keep animals off.

Construct a Moat:

Constructing a moat around flowerbed or garden is another popular method to keep dogs out of your yard, flowerbed and garden. This Moat is a little bit different than Dig Pit making.

Dig pit is deep hole around the yard, another side, Moat is the specifically created area around the yard which is full of thorn or some unwanted things for dogs. It may fill with Pinecone from pine tree which is not comfortable for dogs sensitive paws.

This Pinecone is the fruit of pine tree that contain thorn and rough surface. It’s another most clever idea to keep the dog out of yard very effectively.

Building Fence:

Building fence around yard or garden is the most common and traditional way to keep away dogs from garden or yard. Neither it is affordable nor it is effective for all perspective.

However, there are lots of affordable or cheap dog fence for dogs. You can check our another article for cheap dog fence for dogs.

You may build with lots of wooden piles keeping enough gap to save money.

Dog Exercise:

Trying to practice exercise for dogs may be the solution for this problem. Every day makes a good habit to your dog. let them exercise every day to burn their extra fat and energy.

It will fit their body and also discourage them to don’t visit the unwanted place. whenever dogs will not have enough extra energy they will keep rest in their house rather than going outside.

Keep them busy with Toy:

Keeping them busy with toy is another clever and foolproof method for this task. You have to understand whey they go outside? whenever they have no work to do they go outside and try to find new task to get busy. So let them busy with any dog toy.

There are lots of dog toys in the market. So go to estore and choose a dog toy with good customer rating. it will keep your dog busy for a long time. Eventually, You can create DIY dog toy yourself.

Train Them Properly:

Whenever i heard that someone’s dog is going such unwanted place, then i think the problem does not exist in dog problem is in dog owners. He/she could not able to train his dog properly not to go that places.

When you have  a new dog in your house, you should train them properly to introduce those places where you want and don’t want your dog to visit. By proper training, Your dog will learn quickly which place is allowed for him and which place is not.

It is not possible to train your dog 1-2 days. Probably it’s long time procedures to train your dogs properly. so don’t give up if they don’t train quickly.

Final Verdict

We have discussed lots of tricks to keep dogs out of the yard and hopefully it will help a lot to apply to your dog as well. I am quite sure that you don’t have to try multiple ways.

Within all of this, Pet barrier or inground fence has 100% success rate. So these method can be used without any tension.

Just think that which one is the perfect method for your perspective and apply it. From my opinion, You may try from homemade tricks to keep dogs off. Then try other commercial or expensive method if previous method don’t work properly.

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