DIY Dog Toy – Now keep your dog busy with this ready hand made Dog Toy. It will not only cheap but also have fun for both you and your dog.

Every dog owner loves to make busy his dogs when he becomes busy with other jobs. Like other Dog lovers, I felt really difficult to make busy my adorable dog. Wireless dog fence for indoor or outdoor may be the solution for sometimes but not all the times. We need to give amusing toys to our dogs to keep them busy. There are different types of popular dog toys available on Amazon or other E-store such as:

  • KONG Cozie Marvin the Moose
  • Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy
  • KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls
  • ChuckIt! Medium Ultra Balls
  • KONG Classic Dog Toy and much more…

To purchase these toys, you have to spend a budget though it is small. Moreover, these are readymade toys came from factories and there is no love of your hand. I know they also work good but lacking love for your adorable dogs. How is this, if you can make lovely toys for your lovely dogs? It’s Amazing, Really!

diy-dog-toy - keep your dog busy

Let’s go into deeper to make a DIY dog toys to make our dog busy. In fact, this is very effective and cheap DIY dog toys which make your dog busy all the day long with some foods.

To Make this DIY dog toys you need to manage few cheap materials such as wood, iron pole and 3 empty bottles, that’s it. Below is the list what you exactly manage to make this DIY Dog toys:

  • 3 Transparent empty bottles
  • 1 Metal rod
  • Wood frame (This is the main part)
  • Few screws
  • Wood Glue
  • Drill Machine

DIY Dog Toy

To Make this DIY dog toys, Now follow the below steps:

Creating Wood Stand

DIY Dog Toy - Frame

This is the Main part of this DIY Dog toys making process.  Just see the Picture carefully. First, Manage 3 pieces of wood to make the stand like pictures. 1 piece in the bottom and 2 pieces should go both sides and stick them using glue or screw. A better option is using screw. It will make this frame stronger. Now attach a wooden pole or rod on the top of the stand as seen in the picture. It will allow you to use as a carrier of this DIY dog toys.

Make the bottle ready

DIY Dog Toy bottles

You just completed the main part of this dog toys. Now its very easy. Just make 2 holes on every bottle using Drill as seen in the picture. Remember to make this hole Parallel and also in the upper level of bottles.

Place the Metal Rod

DIY Dog Toy bottle with rod

In this position, just insert the Metal Rod through 3 bottles already made and place the rod on the middle level of the wooden stand. Now you are about to finish the jobs.


Now just put some dry dog foods inside 3 bottles and leave your dog with this DIY dog toys. Now see the magic. For sure, Your dog will love the toys very much plus it will keep your dog busy hours with some minimum dog foods. Most beneficial part of this dog toy is it’s very secure and healthy. And also it has the touch of your own hand for your pooch.

One last thing, This DIY dog toy is not suitable only for dog, but also for other pet such as Cat. So now try it yourself and please let me know your feedback.

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