Don’t like to think your dog as a prisoner? There are certain techniques to keep dog in yard without fence. Fence provides security and privacy to your yard. Some people may want to give total freedom to their dogs. For this reason, you need to know How to keep dog in yard without fence.

How to Keep Dog in yard without fence

You can provide not only freedom for your dog but also you can save valuable money and time for fence set up. Today I will discuss some techniques related to this topic.

How to Keep Dog in yard without fence

This can be done with a basic and simple training named as boundary training. If you can provide good boundary training, your dog will stay within your boundary without a fence or a collar. Isn’t it amazing!!!

Boundary training is a very basic and easy training system where you will train your dog about a boundary line which he isn’t allowed to cross. You need to teach your dog some basic words to follow like “Stay”, “Come”, “Leave it”.

This training is specially designed for puppy or young dogs. There is no exact time period because time may vary depending on your dog’s behavior and age.

Boundary Training

Boundary Training

The step by step training basics are discussed below:

  • Step 01: plan a boundary line according to your need. This boundary line should be marked by flags and at least 3-4 feet away from the actual boundary line. You can also select any natural marks like trees, garden fences, etc. You can take a walk to plan the boundary marks without your dog.
  • Step 02: After selecting the boundary line, walk your dog inside the boundary line for next 2-3 days. Remember, you need to make sure during this process; your dog has a leash attached to its collar. Make sure your dog doesn’t cross the expected border line during training sessions. If it tries to go out, restrict it by the leash but never let it cross the boundary line. This step is very important for the success of this training process. So, pay close attention!!!
  • Step 03: In about 2/3 days, your dog will be able to recognize the boundary line. When this step is completed, try the next one. The third step of this training process is to keep your dog inside the boundary line while you are outside of the line. This step may take time so try to be patient. You need to use “Stop” and “Stay” command in this step. Keep your dog inside the boundary and go outside of the boundary. When your dog wants to cross the boundary line, say “Stay” or “Stop”. You can give small prizes if your dog follows your instructions correctly.
  • Step 04: Continue to follow above step for next 3-4 days. Train your dog every day for at least 15 minutes. Make your dog familiar with the commands. Don’t let it cross the borderline.
  • Step 05: After one-week training, push a little bit harder. While your dog is staying within the boundary limit, toss something like food or toy that will provoke it to cross the line. Here, you need to make your dog familiar with the command “Leave”. This step can be a little bit harder than the other steps. Don’t punish your dog if it fails to obey your instruction. Just repeat step 03 if something goes wrong.
  • Step 06: After two or three weeks training, you can put harder obstacles. Put something like another dog, small children that are hard to avoid. Check if your dog is obeying the boundary line perfectly. Keep this training session every day to make it perfect. This step may take a while depending on your dog’s nature or behavior. Always give him a treat for his obedience.
  • Step 07: When your dog is ready to follow the boundary line, go further with the training session. After successful completion of the above steps, now let your dog go without leash and follow him. The objective of this training is to check if it stops at the boundary line himself. Let your dog go first and you follow him closely. Try this training session for couple of weeks. Consistency is the key to success!!!

Boundary training is an awesome technique for your dog. You can have a peace of mind by knowing how to keep your dog in yard without fence and also ensure your dog’s safety. However, if you think this process is time consuming but still you are willing to let your dog roam independently, You should use Invisible dog fence. Click here to get details about Invisible Fence for your dogs.

Thanks for reading!!!

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