Dog Jumping Fence Solutions

Are you worried about your dog’s habit of jumping the fence? If yes, that can be a real problem. It’s a behavioral problem and not very easy to correct. There are some ways by which you can minimize the problem.

Today I am here to discuss how to keep a dog from jumping the fence. Some effective ways will be discussed that can be followed easily and also cost effective. How to keep a dog from jumping the fence

But remember, dog jumping fence solutions can take the time to minimize the tendency. So your patience is required in the process.

How to keep a dog from jumping the fence

To discuss keeping a dog from jumping the fence, it is needed to cover following aspects:

  • Reasons for jumping the fence
  • How to improve the fencing as Possible Dog Jumping Fence Solutions
  • How to modify your yard for better result
  • Observing your dog’s behavior

Reasons for Jumping the Fence

Well, there are several reasons for jumping the fence. Key reasons are discussed here:

  • If you travel too much leaving your dog alone in the house. This lack proper bonding between you and your dog.
  • Another important reason can be a good playing environment. Dogs like to play a lot. If you don’t provide them with good playing environment where they can play freely and have fun, they won’t be happy living with you. There also should be some space with toys to play with.
  • Puppy or adolescent dogs like to run and play a lot. So you need to take special care of them and train them to stay inside the yard.
  • Some breeds of dogs are sporting breeds. They are very active and like to play a lot. You need to manage their tendency to play by providing some instructions or jobs to carry out.
  • If the other side of your fence provides them with much fun, definitely they will try to escape. Sometimes other dogs from your neighbors or small children can motivate them to go outside the fence for having fun. For this reason, you need to make sure the outside of the fence is less attractive than the inside one.
  • You can also look for stress symbols like hyperactive, howling, excessive panting, etc. If your dog is stressed, you can solve it by consulting a specialist. Stress can be removed easily, so no worries!!!

Improve Fencing as Possible Dog Jumping Fence SolutionsDog Jumping Fence Solutions

Improved fencing system can help a lot to keep a dog from jumping the fence. Now I will discuss some fencing techniques to keep your dog inside your yard.

Solid wood: solid wood fences are costly to set up. However, if you think of something solid will be better for safety both for your dog and property, you can choose this option.

Bamboo Rolls: Bamboo roll fence is more cheap and beautiful. You can set up a fence about 4-5 feet high to stop your dog from jumping the fence. Also, it will provide you with more privacy. If your dog is a jumper or sporty type, this type of fence can be a good solution to the problem.

Redundant Fences: The redundant fence is a secondary fence which works inside a primary fence. Many people use redundant fences for serving multiple purposes. A redundant fence can be made of anything like bamboo, chain link, farm fence, etc.

It provides extra securities to your backyard and at the same time to your dog. Your dog will fail to contact with neighbor’s pets or other environments that can excite or influence its jumping habit.

Invisible Fence: Another type of fence which is completely invisible!!! If you want to save your valuable time from fencing, this can be a quick and a nice solution for you!!!

Invisible fence gives your dog a correction shock to stay out of the boundary line. To know details about invisible or wireless dog fences or Underground dog fence, read my article here:

How to modify your yard for better resultHow to keep a dog from jumping the fence- Dog Aggression

You need to check your yard for tools or objects that can help your dog to escape or jump over the fence. Here are some useful tips to modify your yard so that your dog’s tendency to jump over the fence is reduced.

Identifying objects that can influence to jump: you need to observe your yard very sharply to find objects that can help your dog to jump over the fence. Anything that can help your dog to reduce the height of the fence should be removed. For example, it can be a pile of wood, small tree branches, dustbin, broken chairs or furniture etc. Remove them immediately for your dog’s safety.

Obstruct outside view: You also need to find out the broken parts of your fence where your dog can have a good view of your neighbor’s pets, children or walking people. Reed fencing, climbing shrubs or vines can be a good solution for this purpose.

If your dog likes to dig: In that case, you need to set up an L-footer fence along with your fence. L-footer fence is L-shaped in the bottom line to prevent your dog from digging under the fence to get outside. You can also put a concrete base near the fence so that it’s not easy to dig up.

Preventing fence Jumpers: upside down L-footer can do the trick very nicely. The top angle of your fence becomes L-shaped and prevents your dog from jumping over.

Coyote Roller: It can be a beautiful solution for a jumper or sporty dogs. Coyote roller contains a metal cable mounted over your fence. This cable goes through plastic pipes which diameter can be 3-4 inches. When the dog or coyote tries to climb the fence, the pipe rolls to prevent the dog or coyote from going outside or coming inside. Very useful and cost effective solution for fence jumping dogs.

Making the yard a playground: Remember, your dog isn’t a prisoner in your yard!!! So, you need to make a good playground for your dog. If you can make your yard interesting enough for your dog, this will definitely prevent it from going outside or escaping from your home. You can buy some toys for your dog to play with so that your dog doesn’t feel lonely when left alone at home.

How to keep a dog from jumping the fence - Dogs behaviorObserving your dog’s behavior

Observing your dog’s behavior is important. This will help you to understand why your dog is trying to escape your yard. Here are some major problems to check out:

Barking: Your dog’s barking behavior can be a problem. Some dogs bark too much. To control this problem, you need to make the dog understand that there is no need to bark. You can’t treat this symptom by force or something else. You need to consult a specialist if your problem is beyond the border level.

Aggression: If your dog is too aggressive, you need to address the issues immediately. Aggression can be two types: fearful and dominant aggression. You need to find the causes of the aggression and take necessary actions to solve it.

Separation anxiety: Excessive barking, whining or unsettled behavior can be seen with the dog having separation anxiety. This often happens when the dog is left alone for a long time. You should remove the reasons for separation anxiety to help your dog.


You should understand the reasons thoroughly stated above to know how to keep a dog from jumping the fence. It’s not an easy task, but if you keep trying, you will find a better response from your dog.

The techniques of improving the fencing system can help you to find dog jumping fence solutions. As an expert, I believe that after reading this article the bonding between your dog and you will get much better. You can also train your dog better than before when you know how to address your dog’s behavioral problem.

Happy playtime!!!

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