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Welcome to our new writing. This guide will teach you how to cut dog hair with scissors at home. Before starting the process on your dog, you need to know various facts. They are dog’s coat type, dog’s patience, your time contribution, dog’s lifestyle, scissors type etc.

How to Cut Dog Hair with Scissors

Some dogs need to be trimmed every 4-8 weeks. Many dogs need that after a few months of interval. Besides, a wire-coated dog is okay with a single trim each year.

How to Cut Dog Hair with Scissors

A dog is covered with fur all around its body. So, it takes a lot of time to perform a complete trim. Your dog’s patience is a must. Sometimes, you may not able to keep a lot of patience. Just go for a professional groomer instead.

If you try to perform a trim by yourself, be careful. Do not try to face your dog even a single injurious experience! Be careful while trimming your dog’s face, ears and tails. Also be aware of giving an embarrassing hairstyle!

So, let’s begin to discuss the detailed.

Preparing your blades

This is the first step of your preparation. Always apply special scissors oil between the joint of blades before and after every use. Do not apply a dull scissors. Otherwise, it will pull off your dog’s fur. The dog will get an intense pain. A steel-made scissors remains more sharp and durable.

There are various types of scissors. To set your right scissors, you need to think about-

  • Purpose of using that scissors (which type of hairstyle you want)
  • Frequency of uses (depend on your dog’s coat type)

So, if you depend on a single scissors, this will result in an incomplete hairstyle.

Types of Scissors

Every scissors have their own quality. Choose either a left-handed or a right-handed scissors. Also, choose the size which easily fits within your palm.  The major types of scissors are:

  • Straight Grooming Scissors: Various sizes and weights are available of this one. Variety of blade lengths has made this scissors popular.
  • Curved Scissors: They are helpful to cope with the dog’s body shape. Because, they are slightly curved towards the tip of the blades.
  • Thinning Scissors: These types of scissors have two types of blades in a single One is toothed and the other is a cutting blade. Only experts are able to use these scissors properly. Because, these scissors are used to remove a portion of hair, mixing different lengths of fur etc. As a result, a thick coat becomes thinner.
  • Rounded Tips Safety Scissors: These scissors are used to cut fur around sensitive areas. While you are cutting fur of your dog’s face, paws and tail; these scissors will highly help you.

Arrangements of Tools

Arrange a Metal Comb

Before cutting your dog’s coat with scissors, comb your dog. Make sure your dog’s coat is clean. A metal comb helps to comb tangles and knots.

Arrange Mats

Cleaning the fur at the bottom is a troublesome task. If you cut your dog’s coat on a mat, that will become easy to clean.

Arrange a Dog-Grooming Table

A table allows you to cut your dog’s coat from an elevated position. This position will definitely help you to trim your dog easily. You will easily get tired while trimming your dog on the floor.

Steps of trimming your dog

  • Place your dog on your table. Set a comfortable height. If your dog tends to move, get the help of an assistant. Or, you may use a grooming arm to place your dog to the right place.
  • Make sure, your dog has no knots and excess fur on its fur. So, brush its coat thoroughly.
  • Pick up the right scissors. If your scissors have a rubber-grip, you will enjoy a comfortable fit.
  • Start clipping coat gently from your dog’s back.
  • At last, go for sensitive areas like tail, face, eyes, ears and paws.
  • To ensure an even cut; do not start to cut too deep. Always maintain a single direction of your cut. It is better to cut from the front to backward gradually.
  • Use your comb too. Just cut a little and comb that area. This will ensure to inspect better.
  • Repeat trimming in the same area for a better finishing.
  • Use smaller scissors and comb for sensitive areas.
  • Now, grab the tail at the tip. Be careful about trimming it.
  • Start trimming the head. Then trim the ears gradually.
  • Finish trimming all legs and paws carefully.
  • Now, look carefully at your dog to ensure an even cut.

Do not get panic or puzzled. Just be calm and trim your dog following the instruction mentioned above. Wish you complete a nice cut using scissors.

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