wireless dog fence
wireless dog fence

What is Invisible or Electric Dog fence

A Invisible dog fence or Electric dog fence is a electronic device to keep you dog in your yard or specific area. It is not needed to tie up your dog with chain or get fenced your dog with boundary. With this device your dog will able to visit freely accoss your desired area or yard. So not more hassle with your Neighbour. Infact, Invisible and Electric dog fences are same things. People often call it by 2 different names. There are 2 types of Invisible or Electric dog fence:

  • Wireless Dog Fence
  • Inground / Underground Dog fence

Lets go into deeper to know more about 2 types of invisible fence. Wireless dog fence and Inground dog fence both have similarity such as there is no visible fence around the yard, Both fence give static corrections to dogs, they have a specific area, both fence package contains Transmitter and Receiver collar etc.

Wireless Dog fence is invisible fence which includes only Transmitter and Receiver collar and there is no wire to bury in the yard or ground. It covers only circular area from the transmitter placement area.

Inground Dog fence is such invisible dog fence which needed to bury wire in the yard or ground. Placing the wire in underground may responsible for such name. There are also transmitter and receiver collar as like as wireless dog fence. Just difference is putting wire under the ground.

This inground or underground fence are very effective for custom shape area. It can cover any types of yard and its more powerful electric dog fence than wireless dog fence. But people often choose wireless dog fence over inground dog fence for its first time installation. Inground dog fence installation is a little bit time-consuming and costly than wireless dog fence.

We have a great article based on Top-5 wireless dog fence reviews, You may read this article here.

Wireless dog fence or pet containment system

An electronic dog fence or Invisible dog fence could be just what you need for your dog. The wireless dog fence works in a distinctive way. Most of wireless dog fence consist a Electronic dog collar, A transmitter to send signal to your dog, A lots of perimeter flag and wires to bury boundary around your certain yard whether dog should remain. Dog should put on the collar(most of them are waterproof), and Flags should bury around your boundary with provided wire, at last transmitter should keep a certain and safe place.

When dogs are in your specific boundary, then everything is okay. But then they will be too close to your boundary flag or trying to cross the flag boundary, They will recieve signal by collar. So it will intend your dog not going out of your boundary when they fully accustomed with your wireless fence system.

 Below is mentioned few important factors to choose the best wireless dog fence for your dog:

  • Dog Size

Dog size is first criteria to consider. It is important to measure your dog size, weight. There are a lots of wireless dog fence for different sizes of dogs. According to your dog size, you should pick the right one. We specially recommend “Petsafe” and “Friendly pet products” brands for this. If your pets is less than 15 pounds you should pick small dogs wireless fence to properly adjust with your dog. Petsafe has Little dog fence for small dogs. Your dog will be in trouble or feeling uncomfortable, in case you dont consider the size of your dog.

  • Neck Size

Neck is also another important factor to consider. Naturally Neck sizes not vary with the size of dog. There a lots of big size dog with smaller neck and small size dog has bigger neck. If you dog neck size between 6-23 inches, you can choose “Petsafe PIF-300”. Propably This is one of the best wireless dog fence in the market produced by petsafe. We have a detain article on Petsafe PIF-300 wireless dog fence system.

  • Dog Nature

For some of dogs, It may difficult to train your dog with wireless dog fence than other. Or your dog may Stubborn than another dog to used to with this system. For Stubborn dog, you need to setup stronger correction to keep it in your yard. Probably Pet products company cares for your needs. they created a lots of customized wireless fence which have speciality to match up with your stubborn dog. You may have more than one dog, In this case you should look for a package which support multiple dogs or have system to add extra collar for several dogs.

  • Yard Size

Make sure your yard size keeping you dog. If you have only 1 acre yard, You should not purchase 5 acre yard wireless dog fence. This is clearly waste of money. the wireless fence models vary the yard size. Try to measure your exact yard size first before buying wireless dog fence.

One last tip Remember: If you are getting wireless dog fence for your dog, you might consider for training your dog first. Without training with this system, it will waste of money. Either your dogs can cope up with system, neither your system.

All dogs are not equal talent. Some dogs may adjust with this sytem very quickly whether few are not. A electronic dog fence allows you keep your pet safety when you are not present here or there. That peace of mind alone is well worth the cost of a system.

Why Get a Invisible Dog Fence?

The more comprehensive question is “Who should get this Invisible dog fence?” Well, Answer should simple. Dog owners who want to restrict his/her dog to a certain area. And the reason why some individuals want to do this is because some dogs are because they want to restrain from future or further damage of some property.

There are some K9’s that are very aggressive for whatever reason and think it is a good idea to walk it off. Unfortunately, it might be walking it off on the neighbor’s colorful flowerbeds or going for a restroom break at locations that creates enemies.

Other dogs just like big areas and if it has the chance, will try to explore the whole world. However, the owner does not have enough money to fund its adventures and it might get lost in its expeditions. Bringing more stress into the owner’s life, but it doesn’t know this.

Dog standing

Another problem might be the dog might spot a distraction somewhere, like a car or the neighbor’s nephew’s priceless doll that was passed down generations. And since it does not know the value of such a thing, will run towards and try to “Discover”. And by “Discovering”, I mean rip it to shreds or even chase the car because it is fun.

Problems like these are very stressful. Unless, the neighbor the owner lives next to is very nice, is oblivious, or doesn’t exist.

Some people might have suggested getting an actual fence around the property, but those do not always go well with every house. As a matter of fact, some just look plain ugly. However, do not worry as there is a way to get the house looking exactly as it is and the pet contained.

Wireless dog fences are designed for troublesome dogs that can’t stay around the area. The traditional version of is a tiny device that comes with a collar. And the purpose of the collar is to be around the dog’s neck. Each device comes with the amount of space it covers, and should the dog leave this space, gets small electric shocks. The level of electricity shocks emitted depends on how far the dog goes.

Final Word

In order to find the best for you, we highly recommend you read the reviews we have. These are highly researched by experts and we guarantee you will find one you like as we offer only the best for the best prices. We know not too many people can always afford expensive things.

Best Invisible Dog Fence Buyers Guide

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