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As much as most dog owners will love to give their dog the full benefit of exploration, it is not always a wise idea to give it that option. Unless the owner wants to end up losing it. Besides, the pet owner’s neighbor will not really enjoy the dog’s freedom when it explore freely into his/her yard. One cannot blame the neighbors since they might have things like flowerbeds, swimming pools, or some other property they do not want loiterers close to.

In plain and simple English, fences are expensive and makes a house less attractive. Should an individual decide to set one up on their own, then it will be a hard task to complete. So there is a point  to purchase a pet containment system or wireless dog fence. Now dog lovers may like to know which pet containment system or wireless dog fence to buy? Or Which is one of the  Best invisible dog fence for dogs? In this article, I will try to address that point to select the best invisible dog fence for your proper dog management and maintaining good relationship with your neighbour. Before knowing about best Invisible dog fence we should go through some basic knowledge about pet containment system.

What is a Invisible or Electric dog fence?

It is a device that creates an invisible barrier that sends electrical signals to the dog when it crosses the set barrier.  However, it will not work without the owner. It is a humane and safe way to keep a dog within boundary.

Wired or Wireless dog fence, Which Works Best?

Wired Dog Fences allow an individual to bury an antenna around the area he/she wants to keep the k9 restricted in.  And a transmitter located at wherever one decides to put it generates a signal in order to monitor the status of the wire.  It works when the dog wears what is a called a receiver collar (The name is self-explanatory). Should the pet cross the set boundary, it receives a stimulant to remind it to stay around the area. By giving it negative reinforcements, it teaches the dog to stay within the area.

The major advantage this one has is the flexibility. One has to simply set it up in the yard, and it can be any shape he/she likes. If the individual has something like a flowerbed or an area that want to keep enclosed, they simply have to set it around that area.

Wireless Pet Containment SystemsHavahart Wireless Radial Shape Select Fence People like

These ones work more differently than you think. A collar is put around the dog’s neck with the transmitter in the supposed center of the house which creates a radius. When the dog tries to go past this radius, the transmitter will send a short electrical shock to remind the dog. Through repetition, the dog learns to stay inside the radius.

A major advantage is easier to install. However, it does not take the shape of an area. Example, the radius you set might go into the street or even inside some part of the neighbor’s yard. It may also greatly restrict the dog to just a small portion on the yard.

Depending on your circumstances, the wireless system might work better within an owned property. While the wired will work for all other spaces like some more targeted spaces.

How to Choose Best Invisible Dog Fencewireless dog fence collar

Now we would like to discuss here about the best invisible dog fence or wireless dog fence. Also we have a detailed best wireless dog fence review article consist of top 5 choices of wireless/invisible dog fence. To Read this article Click here.

Like other best products or devices, The Best invisible dog fence has some distinctive features. There should have to exist a lot of benefits and uniqueness than other wireless dog fence or wireless pet containment system. So that we can consider it as best invisible dog fence or best wireless pet containment system. Let’s have a look on below:

  1. Is it really Wireless?  From very first of this article we are trying to mention about wireless dog fence. Wireless dog fence or wireless pet containment system doesn’t mean that the device is completely wireless. There is barely needed to bury wire on a very few steps while installation. This step might not sound important but it is. Some sellers claim that their system is a wireless one but still require the buyer to bury it. But now that the reader knows the difference between both of them, it will be easier to determine if one is or not. To clarify, find one that comes with a transmitter and does not require one to bury the wire.
  2. Check the radius capability of each system: Buyers must pay attention to the size of the area he/she wants to restrict the dog to. With that information in mind, one should be able to get a gauge of what they should get on the systems correction field. One may require either a narrow or wider correction field. This is the very important criteria as best invisible dog fence.
  3. The Collar is important too. It is important to determine if the collar will be a good fit. Some individuals have adjustable collars. And this is another vital criteria to be best invisible dog fence. However, some are still not big enough to fit very large dogs. Though some manufacturers offer return policies, it is quite the hassle or you might even have to buy a new one because some manufacturers do not offer return policies. Also, determine if the shock strength can be adjusted.
  4. Check if it fits needs. Some wireless fence systems offer features like extra collars, lightning protection, and a ground flag. A buyer should take a look at their budget, lifestyle, and yard before they make the decision. And this is the Rechargeable batteries are better because they save you a lot of money compared to batteries one might have to always purchase.
  1. Compare Prices: These devices go anywhere from $100-500. And while those are normally different, different retailers offer them at different prices. And it is up to individuals to research and select the best priced one.
  2. Battery Backup: Battery Back is an important criteria for choosing a wireless dog fence. To keep your wireless funtional continuously, it is recommended to buy a wireless dog fence with battery backup facilities. It is very important, in case your system power become fail.
  3. Get the dog used to the electric fence system. It is very important to make your dog used to it. For first time, your dog may feel additional things hanging on its collar. But after few days training your dog should cope with this wireless dog fence or this device. You can also follow the instructions provided by manufacturers to train your dog properly. Most manufacturers give instructions as how to train the dog to adapt to the system. So make use of it.

At last, we can say that a lot of things need to consider before buying a wireless dog fence or wireless pet containment system. We just discussed a few of them above. Our main focus was on your budget, your dog size, ability, habit, Device quality and the size of your dog explorer yard. Hopefully, After reading this article you will be able to choose best Invisible dog fence or pet containment system.

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