How to keep a dog from jumping the fence - Dogs behavior

Worried about your active dog that likes to go outside of your yard too often? Ok, it’s not a very big deal!!! Dogs have common behavior about escaping or jumping over the fence. To reduce your tension, now I will discuss some tips on how to keep a dog from escaping the yard. I hope that you will find good results following the instructions mentioned here.

How to keep a dog from jumping the fence - Dogs behaviorHow to Keep a Dog From Escaping The Yard:

Now let’s dive into the main point. As I mentioned on title section following 4 simple steps you can now Keep your dog from escaping the yard. Below is given those 4 steps:

Step 01: Identify why your dog wants to escape

  • Your dog may feel bored if left alone at home for a long period of time. Dog likes to play a lot. You need to make sure to keep your dog busy in some sort of activities or games.
  • The dog also requires attention from you. They like company. If you don’t give proper company then your dog may want to find it somewhere else.
  • Some dogs are hunting breeds. They may like to chase another animal and escape your yard to do so.

 Step 02: Pick up proper fence types

  • For your convenience, you can choose wireless dog fence. It is easy to setup and saves a lot of your valuable time. To select which wireless dog fence is perfect for you, check out here
  • Low fences can inspire your dog to escape from your yard. You need to increase the height of your fence to prevent this behavior.
  • You need to identify if there are any objects like broken furniture or tools or other stuff that can be used to jump over the fence. Remove them immediately

Step 03: Identify Escape patterns

  • You need to identify how your dog is trying to escape your yard. Does your dog like to jump over the fence or dig a hole to cross the fence or seek a weak point in the fence to escape?
  • Escape pattern indicates valuable reasons that motivate your dog to escape. Find them and find necessary solutions to solve the problem.

Step 04: Take Preventive Measures

  • Turn your yard into a playground: Place various toys in your yard to make it interesting to your dog. It will help your dog to stay within the yard.
  • Play in your yard often: you should play with your dog in your yard often. When your dog goes to the fence or boundary line, call him back. This will help it to stay close to your home. Always give treats for following your instructions.
  • You can give your dog basic boundary training. This will help your dog to stay in your yard without any leash. This may take some time but very effective to prevent your dog from escaping your yard.
  • Teach your dog some obedience training. Instructions like “come”, “sit”, “stop”; etc should be taught for this purpose.
  • Walk with your dog daily. It will make a closer bond between you and your dog.
  • Give some exercise every day. So that, your dog is busy and have fun.
  • When you catch your dog while escaping because of anxiety, don’t punish. On the other hand, try to relax your dog. Punishing a dog with anxiety problem only increase its fear.
  • Learn your dog’s behavioral pattern, likes, dislikes, fear, anger, etc. It will help you to solve a lot of other issues motivating your dog to escape your yard.

Bonding between your dog and you is very crucial. Always treat your dog as a part of your family. A dog treated well will less likely try to escape your yard. Follow the points discussed above and know how to stop your dog from escaping yard.

Have fun with your dog!!!

How to keep a dog from jumping the fence. Ultimate Dog Jumping Fence Solutions

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