How Much Chocolate Can A Dog Eat Without Dying

If you own a dog, you must hear that chocolate isn’t good for your dog. In fact, it can be deadly if it exceeds the acceptable level. So, from an expert’s point of view, every dog owner should know about the safety level of chocolate for his/her dog.

Depending on the weight of the dog, the level can be different. The owner should know how much chocolate will kill a dog for safety of his or her beloved pet.

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Dog Chocolate Poisoning

How Much Chocolate Will Kill A Dog

Chocolate is quite a common cause of dog poisoning. Because chocolate is very dear to human and easily found in every home, it is deadly to dogs. Chocolate which contains positive health benefits for human being can be deadly for dogs. Chocolate contains methylxanthines (one of which is theobromine) which is very deadly to dogs.

  • A chocolate powder that is used in the chocolates contains the toxic. Higher quality chocolates contain a higher percentage of cacao. As a result, the toxic levels are different from chocolate to chocolate. Low priced and poor quality chocolates contain less cocoa powder.
  • Let’s make it clear by an example, if we compare between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, dark chocolate is more toxic than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cacaos, which makes it more lethal in comparison to other types of chocolates.
  • The human body can absorb Theobromine by creating caffeine and it takes about 6-10 hours to absorb half of the input. However, dogs can’t absorb it like us and feel great pressure on its nervous system and kidneys. Chocolate poisoning can result in seizures, muscle tremors, vomiting, etc.
  • Another important reason for the poisoning is over eating. Dogs are famine scavengers and they don’t like to stop eating until the food is finished. This makes them more vulnerable to chocolate poisoning. When they find a nice chocolate box, most likely they won’t stop until it’s finished.

How Much Chocolate Can A Dog Eat Without DyingHow Much Chocolate Can A Dog Eat Without Dying?

It depends on the type of the chocolate. Look below for specific chocolate types and amount deadly for dogs:

  • White chocolate: 200 ounces per pound of body weight of a dog. White chocolate contains less cocoa powder. If your dog weighs 250 pounds, the sign of poisoning can be visible after taking 250 pounds of white chocolate. 125 pounds for a dog with 10 pound weight.
  • Milk chocolate: It is more dangerous than White chocolate. It will take just one ounce per pound of body weight of your dog to deadly poison it. One pound of milk chocolate is poisonous enough for 20 pound dog. While half pound is enough for a 10 pound dog. From our study, we found that the average chocolate bar found in the market contains 2/3 ounces of milk chocolate. As a result, 2-3 candy bar is enough to poison your dog if it weighs 10 pounds.
  • Sweet Cacao: Cacao powder itself is more dangerous than anything discussed before. Just 0.3 ounces per pound body weight can be deadly. 1/3 pound can be poisonous for a 20 pound dog and 1/6 pound for a 10 pound dog.
  • Baking chocolate:1 ounce is lethal per pound of body weight. 2 ounces is enough for poisoning a 20 pound dog and 1 ounce in a 10 pound dog.

  As a dog owner, you should always keep in mind the amount of chocolate that can be responsible for poisoning your lovely dog.

List of dog chocolate poisoning symptoms

How to recognize chocolate poisoning? You can just follow these symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Restlessness
  • Increased urination
  • Tremors
  • Elevated or abnormal heart rate
  • Seizures
  • Collapse and death

What To Do If Your Dog Eats ChocolateWhat To Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate – Home Remedies

So, if you find your dog is poisoned by chocolate, what can you do for first aid treatment at home? Well, the removal of the toxic agent as soon as possible would be first priority. You can do so by inducing vomiting or activated charcoal.

How To Make A Dog Vomit After Eating Chocolate

you can use hydrogen peroxide (3%) 1 or 2 teaspoon to dog’s mouth every 15 minutes till the vomiting occurs. Ipecac syrup can also be used 2 or 3 teaspoons but only one time.

After vomiting, you can give your dog activated charcoal mixed water. One teaspoon for dogs under 25 pounds and two teaspoons for dogs over 25 can try Toxiban brand’s activated charcoal which is very reputed in the market for this type of emergency. Activated charcoal is good because it prevents poisons from mixing in the bloodstream. Activated charcoal is also good for a human being for this type of applications.

For positive results, the treatment stated above should be given within 4-6 hours from the time of eating chocolates. Symptoms may continue up to 36 hours and you should visit a vet as soon as possible.

Remember, there is no antidote for chocolate poisoning. So try vomiting as soon as you see the symptoms of poisoning.

How to keep your dog safe from eating chocolate

  • First of all, never use chocolates as a treat or reward for your dog. Although a small amount of milk chocolate isn’t harmful for your dog, but, still, it’s not recommended to offer.
  • Make sure to store all the chocolate items beyond the reach of your dog. You should also warn your family members to keep chocolate out of reach from your dog.
  • Train your dog to leave something. “Leave it” command might be handy for this type of situation.
  • You can also find a suitable cage for your dog so that when you are away, it doesn’t eat anything harmful.

You need to always be concerned about chocolates. As they can be found everywhere, they are the most common form of poisoning in dogs.

In the end, the truth is, no amount of chocolate is safe for your dog. So it would be wise for you not to share your chocolate with your dog. Even a little amount of chocolate can make your dog curious to taste more when you aren’t at home.

When you find any symptoms of chocolate poisoning, don’t be late to try first aid treatments stated above. Always check your chocolate boxes and keep in mind how much chocolate can kill your dog.

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