petsafe yardmax rechargeable in-ground fence

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Get excited to discover the best in rechargeable in-ground pet training. This time is for the Petsafe Yardmax Pig00 11115 Review – Rechargeable In-ground Fence. If you are looking into rechargeable pet fencing, petsafe yardmax rechargeable in-ground fence may be the best choice for you.

Petsafe Yardmax Pig00 11115 Review

Lets talk in detail about Petsafe Yardmax Pig00 11115 Review. Probably this is in ground dog fence. If you like to get wireless dog fence rather than in ground fence. Then you can read this article.

Btw, this yardmax rechargeable in-ground fence Filled with exciting ways to benefit any pet owner you will be sure to find yourself in the benefits. From very small dogs on up the correction system covers up to many acres. Works excellently for you and your pet in any weather. Great for year round use.

Also expandable in size to an unlimited number of pets. Excellent for years of use as you move and expand your pet family.

Perfect for gently teaching your pet the boundary lines with multiple gentle levels of correction. Also benefits you with key safety features we will cover later.

Whom is this wireless fence Suitable for?

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#47cd2f”]

  • Dog owners who like to give more bigger space to your dog.
  • Who have have a Custom yard that is not circle.[/su_list]

    [su_box title=”What’s Included with Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence !” style=”soft” box_color=”#f88d13″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”7″][su_list icon=””]

    • Transmitter
    • Mounting System
    • Power Adapter
    • Yardmax Rechargeable Receiver
    • Adjustable Collar
    • Surge Protector
    • Receiver Charger
    • Short & Long Point Contacts
    • 50 Training Flags
    • 500 Feet of 20 Gauge Boundary wire
    • Wire nuts
    • Waterproof splice Capsules
    • Test Light Tool
    • Contact point Wrench
    • Operating & Training Guide[/su_list][/su_box]


      [thrive_custom_box title=”Things We Liked” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#F7FCF4″ border=”#03c100″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#47cd2f”]

      • Larger Coverage area
      • Custom area
      • WaterProof Design
      • Rechargeable Battery
      • 5 levels Static Correction
      • Tone only training mode
      • Light Weight Receiver collar
      • Training Flags included
      • Advance in ground fence[/su_list][/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_first]


        [thrive_custom_box title=”Things We Didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#db4c27″]

        • Expensive for wiring larger area
        • Time Consuming for installation[/su_list][/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_last]

          [su_box title=”Features At a Glance” style=”soft” box_color=”#20A850″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”7″][su_list icon=””]

          • For dog neck size 6-28 inches
          • Designed for Larger yard
          • Designed for multiple dogs
          • WaterProof Receiver Collar
          • Rechargeable Battery
          • Includes both warning beep and static corrections[/su_list][/su_box]

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            Features of yardmax rechargeable in-ground fence

            Our Petsafe Yardmax Pig00 11115 Review will help you identify the exact features of this in ground fence. Set aside a few minutes to check out these features of petsafe yardmax rechargeable in-ground fence. Including the main benefits and feature along with installation steps now:

            Expandable corrections for different sizes dog

            Unlike other fences petsafe yardmax rechargeable in-ground fence expands your correction abilities to smaller pets. Adapted for the smallest dogs of five pounds and over. This means that even a puppy could start earlier if you are ready for that.

            Using the light-weight small collar your pet will enjoy the ease of collar wear. Remember you can expand up to as many dogs as you want with additional collars.

            Couple different options for training

            You will have a couple different operations to chose from. This means you will have options to add to the ease of training your pet. The two different options are the YardMax mode and the Traditional mode.

            If you love having levels to customize your dog’s training experience you are in luck. In addition to those modes you will also have five different levels of correction. This allows your pet to get rewarded or reigned in as needed for exacting results.

            The static correction levels also provide excellent communication with dogs of varied sizes. When you have a bigger dog and larger level may be needed. Of course this depends on the breed and your prior relationship with your pet.

            Rechargeable along with Waterproof

            What if it rains? Will the pet have to come inside? Of course not. With this system, you will not worry about the exposed equipment. The reason does not only do it benefit you by being rechargeable it is also waterproof.

            A great option to allow your pet free range options within your boundary zone to ease any weather. Whether it be shade from the sunshine, shelter from rain, warmth from ice and snow. And the best part, you will not be out in the middle of it to untangle your pet.

            Expandable for larger yard

            The petsafe yardmax rechargeable in-ground fence is also expandable up to ten acres. The way to think about this is over the long term. What if you do get more pets? Then you can expand. What if you move to a larger yard? You can use the same system to expand.

            Even if you for some reason reduced the size of your yard and number of pets. It can retract as easy as it can expand. The main idea is to give your dog the same area to become familiar with.

            As dogs are territorial animals the more specific the range the better. This system is absolutely perfect for that.

            Designed for multiple Dogs

            Within that area the petsafe yardmax rechargeable in-ground fence is expandable with the number of pets as well. You can effortlessly expand your pet collection with the addition of extra collars. The system works with the same hardware and boundary tech.

            How many pets do you want? How many do you need? Because you might not know a system like this provides the perfect opportunity to install now.

            And the best part is that with all new pets you may benefit from one dog modeling the behavior within the range after the existing pets. This saves time and money in the long run.

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            [su_box title=”Discussing Benefits Will You Have Using This System” style=”soft” box_color=”#f88d13″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”7″][su_list icon=””]

            • For the caring pet owner this system is great for expanding or reducing pets.
            • Perhaps you are the kind of pet-lover who is always called upon to pet-sit for others. Maybe you are also the type who takes in strays temporarily.
            • The benefits of having this system in addition to using the great design for your own pets is with a few extra collars around you can be the steward you want to be.
            • The system also benefits you by key safety features.
            • Including protecting your pet infinitely with correction the entire time it is beyond the borders[/su_list][/su_box]

              Installing The System For Superior Benefit

              In the time of Petsafe Yardmax Pig00 11115 Review, we would like to discuss installation of the product. Installing the PetSafe yardmax rechargeable in-ground fence is a snap with a few days and few items. Easily packaged to be put into the ground over the course of a weekend. Depending on your area you may need all or some of these items.

              Additional flag kits and wire kits are the first things to consider. Once you are settled you will need a tool like a shovel or lawn edger to bury the wire. Waterproofing compound is on the list. And you may need a saw for masonry if you happen to cross surfaces that are concrete.

              Final Verdict

              At the end of Petsafe Yardmax Pig00 11115 Review, If you have a dog or dogs over five pounds and you have considered a correction system this is petsafe yardmax rechargeable in-ground fence. Simple to use and priced right there is no reason not to check this out and see for yourself the benefits right now.

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