Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

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With summer around the corner, you might always be searching for refreshing treats for your beloved puppy. While freshwater can be an excellent way to keep your pet hydrated and healthy during the hot summers days, you should also give it treats that are hydrating and tasty as well. And what can be better than fresh cucumber to serve your furry in the blazing summer?

Well, nothing. However, as you are yet to know whether cucumbers are good for your pup or not, you have to keep on reading. Below, we have discussed everything about cucumber and its benefits and hazards for your dog so that you can decide easily.

Can Your Dog Eat Cucumber? Is It Safe For Your Dog?

Unlike a few other vegetables, your dog can eat cucumbers safely. In fact, it is one of the safest vegetables your pup can have without exposing itself to any potential harm and health concerns.

One of the main reasons we are recommending to give your little furry friend cucumber is that this vegetable is not toxic or hazardous to your dog-not in any way. This crunchy and tasty vegetable is loaded with useful vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and therefore won’t cause any harm or danger to your precious puppy.

Another amazing fact about cucumber is that it is a low-calorie vegetable with extremely low sodium and fat. This means that it won’t add any calories and fat to your dogs’ body, and won’t even cause any health hazards to it.

Is Cucumber Healthy for My Dog?

Even when some food and fruits are safe for your dog, they might not be as healthy. However, cucumber is not one of them- aside from being crunchy and tasty, this vegetable is also healthy for your favorite furry friend.

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And how is this vegetable healthy for your little pup?

Well, you must know that fresh cucumber consists of about 96% water, which means that it can resolve dehydration problems in your dog and help it to stay hydrated all day long.

Moreover, as this fresh veggie is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium, it improves the health condition of your beloved puppy by several notches making it healthier and more active than ever before.

Some Health Benefits of Cucumbers For Dogs

Now that we know fresh, crunchy cucumbers are healthy for your dogs, let’s discuss some prominent health benefits of this incredible vegetable for your dog so that you understand why you should give it to them.

  • Cucumbers are rich in water content. This means that they will hydrate the pet’s body like none other.
  • In also contains another fat soluble vitamin, Vitamin D, which helps to cure and prevent health conditions like muscle pain, joint pain, bone fracture, and many other conditions in your little furry friend.
  • This crunchy veggie promotes strong bones in the dog. The Vitamin K present in cucumber helps to strengthen bones while offering other health benefits.

When Cucumber Can Be Dangerous For Your Dog?

Despite the fact that cucumbers are healthy and non-toxic, there are a few occasions when this veggie can be extremely bad for your dog. Let’s discuss the occasions when cucumbers can be threatening for your little puppy so that you can avoid it beforehand.

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Milk is one of the most common foods for your dog- you give mild to it almost everyday. However, you must always avoid letting it have cucumber right after having milk or any other dairy products. This is because the combination of these two food items has the potential to cause vomiting and upset your stomach a great deal.

Another thing to keep in mind is that as fresh cucumbers are rich in water content and fiber, there are high chances that this veggie would cause gastrointestinal disorders if taken in an excessive amount by your pup. It can also suffer from stomach pains and prolonged illness because of having too many cucumbers in too little time.

How Many Cucumber Can My Dog Eat?

Fresh cucumbers are safe as well as healthy for your dogs. However, you cannot let your puppy eat cucumber all day, every day. As we all know that having an excessive amount of this veggie also has its own set of problems, you have to be careful about how much cucumbers your little furry friend is having.

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But then again, how do we determine how many cucumbers to give?

Well, according to veterinarians, fresh cucumbers should only fill up just 10 percent of your pet’s daily food intake. We are not mentioning any exact amount here because each dog’s diet is different and therefore, 10 percent of cucumber wouldn’t be the exact amount in each dog’s diet. You have to calculate the amount according to the breed or type of dog you are having.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber Skin?

Even though dogs can eat cucumber skin, they shouldn’t.

There is a reason behind it. There is no denying the fact that the skin or peel of fresh cucumber is full of vitamins and minerals. It is extremely healthy for your little furry friend given its nutrient content.

However, feeding the pup cucumber skin is not safe. This is because this peel is not soft and therefore your beloved puppy would find it hard to digest. And that’s why it would be an excellent idea to remove the skin altogether just to be on the safer side.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber Seeds?

Unlike many other fruits and vegetable seeds, the seeds of cucumbers are not toxic or hazardous for your dog. Moreover, as these seeds are quite soft, there are fewer chances that they would get stuck in its throat and cause serious choking.

As with the rest of the fresh cucumber, its seeds are also healthy and nutritious, and your beloved puppy can eat them nevertheless.

Can Dogs Eat Fermented Cucumber (Pickles)?

Pickles are crispy and tangy. They are delicious too. And because of its taste, dogs love to eat fermented cucumbers at every chance they get.

However, even though the pickled cucumbers are not bad for your little furry friend, you shouldn’t treat it with this tasty food every now and then. This is because pickles are high in sodium, vinegar and spices content. And, even a relatively high amount of this fermented cucumber can prove to be harmful to your precious little puppy.

How Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Some Serving Ideas of Cucumber For Your Dog

You should always give your dog a fresh cucumber to eat. Raw, fresh cucumbers are full of vitamins, minerals and fibers and therefore, extremely beneficial for your little puppy. Below we have shared some serving ideas of cucumber for your dog so that you can always mix and match.

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But first you must learn how to prepare the cucumber.

First of all, wash the fresh cucumber properly so that there are no dirt, debris and chemical left on it. Then peel it off completely to remove the skin and make sure that it is easy to digest. Now the cucumber is completely ready to give to your dog.

The best way to serve cucumber to the dog is by cutting it into thin slices and giving 2-3 slices at a time as a treat.

You can also dehydrate these slices so that they become chewy and crunchy, and can be used as an interesting summer treat.

Another great way to serve fresh cucumber is by using it as a topping for your regular dog food. The crunchy bites of this veggie would feel refreshing and tasty.

Wrapping Up

Fresh cucumbers are healthy, tasty and good for your beloved dog. And we understand that by now you also know that. If you have decided to treat your pup with this veggie this summer, then we have made an excellent decision. This amazing green veggie would not only hydrate your pet like any other but at the same time would also make it happy.

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