Turkey is the signature food of Thanksgiving. You gather around the cooked turkey and eat dinner and express why you are grateful for with each- this is satisfying ritual. However, if you have a pet dog and you consider it a family too, you might want to give a piece or two of your Thanksgiving turkey to it also as a treat.

But then again, as much as the turkey meat is delicious and healthy for you, can we conclude the same for your precious little dog?

Can your dog eat turkey? Is it safe?

Well, let’s keep on reading below to find out more.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

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As much healthy and good turkey is for you, it also good for your precious little dog. And therefore, we can say that your dog can eat turkey without any risk of health hazards. This meat is not only tasty and tempting, it is also healthy for your beloved little pup. It is loaded with proteins, riboflavin, and phosphorous, and brings in so many health benefits for you dog.

However, you must be careful about the way you are serving the turkey to your pet. According to experts, plain cooked turkey is the best for your furry friend. It is wholesome and doesn’t create any health issues. 

To maintain the perfect health of your beloved dog, it’s the best idea to cook the bone-less turkey meat without any seasoning. When there is no seasoning, your dog can eat this without exposing itself to any harm.

Is Turkey Good For My Dog?

Turkey meat is good for your dog. As it is loaded with healthy fat, protein and other nutrients, this bird meat brings in some healthy changes in your pet. Moreover, unlike some other protein-rich food items, this meat is not toxic for your precious little pet. 

Another amazing thing about turkey meat is that it is super low in harmful fat. As there are less harmful fat, this meat doesn’t increase the fat or cholesterol content of your pet’s body and actually helps to keep it healthy and active.

Reasons Turkey Is Good For Your Dog?

Now that we know that cooked turkey is an excellent treat for your beloved furry friend, let’s understand why it is good for the dog, and why you should include this bird meat in your pet’s diet.

Some of the most notable benefits of turkey for your dog are:

Loaded With Proteins

The turkey meat is loaded protein. When your dog eats this meat, it’s protein level increase. And this brings in some amazing changes in your pet. For starters, the protein helps to build the muscles in the pup’s body and also assist to maintain it so that your furry friend is stronger and more active than ever before.

Moreover, the protein in the turkey also helps to build the body cells perfectly. These cells transport the other nutrients in the pet’s body and help it to be stronger and healthier.

Rich in B Vitamins

In addition to proteins, turkey is also rich in B vitamins. These include B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), and B12 (cobalamin) among the others. While niacin helps to produce energy within the pet’s body to make it more active, Vitamin B6 stimulates amino acid production to improve the digestion process precisely.

On the other hand, Vitamin B12 present in the turkey meat is responsible to produce red blood cells and keep your furry friend as healthy as ever.

Can Keep Cancer At Arm’s Length

Beside proteins and Vitamins, the salivating turkey meat also has anti-cancer properties in it. The presence of trace mineral selenium stimulates the thyroid hormone metabolism and brings in a lot of healthy changes in your pet. Selenium also helps to keep cancer at bay so that your favorite pup is always healthy and fine.

This amazing bird meat also has boost the antioxidant defense systems and the immune function to improve your pet’s health greatly.

Incredible Source of Minerals

Turkey meat is nothing less than a “nutrient bomb” for your beloved pup.  It is a rich source of minerals like selenium, zinc, and phosphorus, and is determined to be super healthy for the doggo.

The presence of zinc and phosphorus improves several bodily processes in your dog and helps with it health tremendously. They also make the bones stronger so that your pup is stronger than ever before.

Acts As A Mood Enhancer

The benefits of turkey for your dog are endless. In addition to all its extraordinary health benefits, this bird meat also enhances the mood of your precious little pup, and keeps it happy always. The tryptophan present in this food produces a hormone named serotonin to improve the mood of your pet and keep it in jolly mind all day, every day. 

How Much Turkey Can My Dog Eat?

As we know that turkey is an extremely healthy meat for your beloved dog, let’s find out how much turkey can your pet eat without deteriorating its health and well-being.

For a small dog or puppy, a small piece of well-shredded turkey meat every now and then is enough. It will provide the required to the pet’s body.

However, when your dog is bigger in size, you can take two small pieces to make it happy as well as improve its health.

How To Serve Turkey To My Dog?

Turkey meat can be served in different ways to your precious little dog. However, before treating your pup with this bird meat, always keep in mind the following steps to make sure your pet doesn’t suffer from any health issues afterwards.

  • Before serving the meat to your dog, remember to remove its skin properly. Turkey skin is loaded with fat and therefore, can result in stomach upset in your beloved furry friend.
  • Also, make sure to remove the bones from the meat. The bones can not only get stuck in the digestive pipes but can also cause cuts and injuries in the pet’s mouth.
  • Don’t serve uncooked turkey to your beloved furry friend. It has the potential to cause a number of health problems in your pet.
  • While cooking the turkey, don’t add any seasonings, butters or other “add-ons” to enhance the taste. Seasonings, garlic, onions, butter are bad for the pup and might cause several health issues.

When Turkey Can Be Dangerous for My Dog?

Even though turkey is non-toxic and actually healthy for your beloved dog, there are some situations, when this meat can be extremely dangerous for the pup. Let’s talk more about such circumstances so that you can be more alert while serving this meat to your doggo.

Turkey can be dangerous for your pet if you serve it with the skin and bones intact. They have the potential to cause several health problems.

Even though adding spices, butter, garlic and other seasonings enhances the taste of the turkey, they can make your beloved dog extremely sick.

To avoid hassle, if you try to serve raw turkey to the pet, you are welcoming a lot of disasters. Raw turkey will definitely create a lot of health issues.

What Are The Risks of Turkey for My Dog?

There are quite a few risk of turkey for your pet if you don’t serve it the right way. Below, we have listed the risks of this meat so that you know them even better.

  • Stomach Upset
  • Stomach Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Drastically decreased appetite
  • Depression
  • Bloating

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?

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Turkey bones are “out of bound” for your precious dog. This is because cooked bones can be extremely dangerous for your dog. The splinters of these bones can cut and injure the mount and tongue of your pup making it to bleed severely. They can also cause blockage in the throat and intestinal pipe causing chocking and several other digestive problems. 

Moreover, because of such injuries and blockages, your little furry friend might also have to go through surgery. And therefore, you must never give turkey with bones to your favorite pet.

Wrapping Up

Turkey can be an excellent treat for your beloved furry friend if you serve it the right way. With so many serving ideas, you can always make some healthy yet tasty treats for your pup to make it healthy as well as happy.

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