While dogs often enjoy moderately warm weather, they often cannot tolerate when the temperature soars above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. They are often seen struggling by panting heavily or drooling to cope with the rising temperature.  

Keeping Your Dog Comfortable During dog days of summer

As a pet parent, you need to do whatever it takes to keep your pet comfortable during dog days of summer, especially if you live in one of the hot southern states. Vets often recommend wiping the dog’s belly and paws using a wet towel. Also, it’s time to turn the AC on and allowing the dog to sleep inside. You also need to rely on the best dog products online in an effort to keep your pet cool and comfortable when it ventures outside.

Dog Cooling Mat

Cooling mats usually have a gel-based inner that senses when your pet lies down. The pressure-activate pad helps in absorbing some of the heat produced by your pet’s body and thus keeps it from overheating. Pet mats are available in most online pet stores and they work considerably well. They are also highly portable, which makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cooling Vest

If you are tired of wrapping a wet towel around your pet’s body, then buying a cooling vest can be the solution you ‘re looking for. There are a variety of different cooling vests for dogs and they are available in all sizes. Typically, you need to soak the cooling vest in cold water and then wring it out before putting it on your dog. These are great if you are planning to walk your dog on a hot summer day.

Outdoor Dog Shower

Outdoor shower products allow you to give quick baths to your dog whenever it needs the most. They are plenty of outdoor shower kits out there, you can even make DIY dog showers by perforating PVC pipes. A tub big enough to fit your dog and a hand shower can also do the trick.

Dog Pool Raft

Do you have a pool? If so, then it’s time to buy a pool raft for your dog. These rafts allow your dog to chill in the water, floating and relaxing. A regular floating mat for humans can also work well for dogs. The great thing about pool rafts is that they offer a fun way to spend time with your pet

Pet Water Fountain

The constant flow of water in pet water fountains encourages dogs to drink more water. Aside from setting aside a few bowls of cool water, consider buying a pet water fountain. Place it in an area where your pet frequents.

Elevated Bed

Floors exposed to the sun can get really hot. If your dog has a habit of sleeping outdoors, it makes sense to invest in an elevated bed to keep your pet off the ground. Elevated pet beds usually have perforated fabric to allow maximum airflow and better cooling. We recommend checking the size of the bed as some of them are only meant for small pets.

Cooling Bandana

Much like the cooling vest, cooling bandanas need to be soaked in water and put on like a regular collar. Cooling bandanas and collars keep your dog’s neck and ear regions from overheating. Cooling bandanas and collars can be used as a supplementary cooling system. However, if you already have a good quality cooling vest, buying a cooling bandana may be considered overkill.

Pet Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are not only great for cleaning up a mess, but they can also be used to wipe your pet’s face, ears, and belly. The moist wipes have a temporary cooling effect and provide instant relief to dogs suffering from heat exhaustion. These are handy products to keep around when going out for hikes and walks as they can be quickly taken out for a quick wipe.

Pet Crate Fan

If for some reason you need to keep your dog inside a crate, then this a must buy. Crate fans are designed to fit all pet crates and they help to keep the interior temperature nice and comfortable.

Dog Pools

If you don’t have a swimming pool, then dog pools are the next best thing. These inflatable pools have different capacities and are perfect for outdoor pool parties. Make sure to check the dimensions of the dog pool you are about to buy as some are too small for medium-sized or large dogs.

What to Do If Find Your Dog Suffering from Heat Exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion in dogs should not be overlooked. If proper steps are not taken to cool the dog’s core temperature, your pet may end up suffering from heatstroke. If you think your dog is suffering from a severe case of heat exhaustion, then immediately put your pet in a tub and shower your dog with cold water. Alternatively, you can also soak towels in cold water and place it around your pet’s body. However, it’s not a good idea to submerge your pet’s head as it increases the risk of pneumonia. The usual treatment of heat exhaustion is replenishing your pet’s fluid levels. Encourage your pet to drink lots of water without forcing.

Once your dog’s temperature stabilizes, call your pet’s veterinarian or the nearest pet clinic. It’s best not to drive your dog to the clinic before speaking to a vet. Your vet may ask you to wait till your pet stabilizes completely before bringing it for a thorough check-up. If you do have to drive your dog to the hospital, make sure to turn the AC on full blast to keep the temperature inside the car sufficiently cool. The reason heatstrokes should not be taken lightly is that they are often fatal. They might even lead to other health issues such as kidney problems and intestinal bleeding.

During this dog days of summer, keep your dog comfortable and always be on the lookout for the signs of heat exhaustion. With plenty of access to fresh water and an arsenal of cooling products for pets, make sure you and your pet are ready to take on the summer heat.

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