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Every Dog owners want to train their dog properly. So that their dog can be obedient to their instructions and make a dog capable of doing almost everything. A dog Training Collar or Dog Shock collar is the solution to train your dog properly. In fact, this dog collar is the only way to train your dog very effectively. Moreover, this is 100% safe for your dog health. But this is not the actual problem I know.

The main problem is picking the Training Collar or shock collar for your lovely dog. This is not so easy. There are lots of Dog Training shock collar in the market. Which one is best?

This is the toughest question? I know. But I have chosen 5 best dog training collar reviews from hundreds of Training collar in the market. My top 5 selection is based on thousand of customer and user reviews, experience and Expert as well. Let’s see it now.

What is Dog Training Collar or Shock Collar?

A Dog Shock Collar or Dog Training shock Collar is also a Collar for Dog Training. But it’s not a normal collar. It is associated with a Remote control to train the dog properly. This collar gives mild Electronic Shock to your dog when needed. Electronic Shock? OMG!

Don’t be afraid. This is not harmful at all. Every Dog Trainer uses that collar and you can too. Shock is very mild just to inform your dog which is allowed him to do or not allowed. Allthing you could control from remotely. The dog will wear this collar all time but the shock will apply only when needed. This collar is very comfortable and safe for the dog.

Dog training Collar Vs Dog Shock Collar

Are Dog Training Collars and Dog Shock Collars different things? Not at all. Both are the same thing. Just people call this product or collar by these 2 names. Which collar gives a shock to train your dog is Dog Training or Shock Collar. So Training collar and Shock collar are the same things. Just known as by 2 different names.

How Dog shock collar works

As I said before in Definition section, This is an electronic collar to train your dog. You will get a complete package when you would buy this collar. This package will consist of 2 section. One is Receiver collar and the 2nd one is Handheld Remote control to train remotely.

The Receiver collar should apply to your dog’s neck. The collar has 2 prongs to shock. And you will hold the remote control. It has a tuning system for correction levels. You can set different corrections according to your dog temperament.

Now you can set your dog free wearing this collar. You just need to hold the controller tightly to train your dog properly. You can apply a correction to your dog when needed. So now you have a good way to control your dog very effectively.

Best Dog Training Collar Reviews

After discussing a lot, we could know what is dog collar and how it works. Now we are in the main part of this article. This is the best dog shock collar reviews, you can say also training collar reviews for dog. Now I am going to present top 5 training collar in front of you:

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425

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SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425 Dog Training collar is the best Dog shock collar in the view of most users & experts. The FieldTrainer 425 has the most advanced technology built into this package. This training collar is perfect for training dog in the yard or field. You can also use this dock shock collar for hunting purpose. As having different levels of corrections, low / medium / Strong stimulation can be applied to the dog. Along with Shock stimulation, it has tone and vibration mode to train your dog. In case you don’t want to use electric shock.

Features At a Glance
  • Probably this is the best training collar for mid range in dog training.
  • SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425 has Up to 7 levels of different corrections. It can be set low/ medium/ strong corrections as your dog temperament. For a small and obedient dog, you can use low or medium level. For a Stubborn dog, you may use strong correction level.
  • It is a fully Waterproof design that can be used to any good or bad weather. Even it rains all day long.
  • It has most advanced technology as a waterproof device. Remember it’s waterproof but not splashproof. so that It can perfectly work under even up to 25 feet water.
  • If you have multiple dogs, this is pet collar unit is Expandable for up to 3 dogs at a time. Just need to buy additional collar.
  • Includes Rechargeable long lasting battery. One time charge can last 50/70 hours.
  • SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425 has large coverage area. You can control this collar unit from 500 yards away.
  • The most advantage of this collar is presenting Vibration and tone mode. You can use Shock stimulation, either vibration or Tone stimulation for dog training.
  • For best fit, your dog should at least 8 pounds or more. And appropriate for 5 to 22 inches size neck.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Things we Liked” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#F7FCF4″ border=”#03c100″]

  • Very light weight Collar
  • Very stable and robust performance
  • Including Training device and whistle pack
  • Waterproof Design – Even under 25 feet water

[thrive_custom_box title=”Things We didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”]

  • Not best for long range training
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Petsafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

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Petsafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Dog Collar is another great dog shock collar presented by Petsafe the leading pet products maker. This dog collar gives you full flexibility in dog training and allows you to control your dog from 400 yards away from your dog.

Most pet owners love this collar unit because of coming from reputed company and also this collar is durable than another dog collar. Below is given its main features:

Features At a Glance
  • Petsafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Collar has 8 levels of adjustable static correction. Where maximum dog collar will give you only up to 5 correction levels.
  • This collar unit will give you a max 400-yard range of area to train your dog. This is not so small area for most of the dog owner who is willing to train their dog only general obedient training.
  • The Most advantage of this dog shock collar is the collar is perfect for both indoor and outdoor hiking. You can also go out for walking with your dog using this collar system.
  • Like other dog collar unit, Petsafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Training Collar is fully waterproof. So you don’t need to be tense to wet collar from dog saliva, sweat, water or rain. Even this collar is submersible up to 5 feet of underwater.
  • Petsafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Training Collar is designed for up to 3 dogs at a time. So this is great training collar for the dog owner who has multiple dogs.
  • This pet training collar has adjustable collar size. This is designed for 8 pounds dog or more. And collar size is for up to 28” neck size. This collar is suitable for small size dogs to the medium-large sized dog.
  • All pet lovers know about the customer care specialty of petsafe products. This is amazing. It will support 6 days a week. Probably petsafe is the most popular US based pet products maker.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Things we Liked” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#F7FCF4″ border=”#03c100″]

  • 8 Adjustable levels of static correction
  • Present tone mode in 2 different types
  • Waterproof design
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Support up to 3 dogs simultaneously
  • Fit for dogs outdoor activities
  • Amazing Customer Support

[thrive_custom_box title=”Things We didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”]

  • Range Area is not so long
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Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

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Educator E-Collar Remote Training Collar is multi-talented dog collar designed for special all sizes of dogs. Both small sizes and big sizes dogs are targeted while designing this dog shock collar unit.

This dog collar is a little bit different than other traditional dog shock collar system because it uses blunt static corrections to improve your dog behavior. If you are in need of a dog collar to train your dog, then this unit can reduce the stress of owning a dog. Below is given its features as well:

Features At a Glance
  • The Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Collar has Innovative ergonomic designed with excellent performance as a perfect training collar.
  • Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Collar comes with different types such as for different range and for a different number of dogs. 1 Mile, ½ Mile, ¾ Mile different ranges are available and also an available system for 1 or 2 dogs. You can pick the right product from multiple options.
  • This E-collar system is designed specially. It supports from very small dogs to larger dogs. The minimum size is 5 pounds or more.
  • Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Collar has a little bit different technology than other Dog collar. It uses a tapping sensation which is very similar to vibration. This feature is very effective to train your dog instead of electric shock.
  • This E-collar contains 2 different sizes sets of contact points. If your dog is too furry, then you should use the longest points and shortest points should use for less furry dogs.
  • The Rechargeable features have been made this e-collar more acceptable. It uses Lithium polymer instead of Lithium Ion battery. Moreover, it needs only 2 hours for full charge. This is amazing.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Things we Liked” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#F7FCF4″ border=”#03c100″]

  • Innovative ergonomic design
  • Uses tapping sensation like vibration
  • 1 to 100 correction levels
  • WaterProof design both transmitter and receiver
  • Rechargeable with Lithium polymer battery
  • It needs only 2 hours for full charge

[thrive_custom_box title=”Things We didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”]

  • Battery Charge is not so durable
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Dogtra Brand Remote Training Systems 1 to 4 Dogs

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Dogtra Brand Remote Training System is a great choice for dog owners who have multiple dogs to training simultaneously. This training collar is very easy to use and customizable as well as expandable according to user necessity.

Probably the 1900NCP is the most popular dog e-collar from Dogtra Family. If you are amateur or professional, doesn’t matter. This dog collar is perfect for all pet professionals, k-9 officer, sports dog trainer and much more. Even this is perfect for general dog lover training.

It has 127 levels of corrections and perfects for a professional dog trainer who needs high output stimulation as well as very low level. Below is given most highlighted features:

Features At a Glance
  • The most popular dog collar from Dogtra pet products and very appropriate for all kind of dog owner from general pet lover to a professional dog trainer.
  • Dogtra Brand Remote Training Systems 1 to 4 Dogs is most appropriate for multi-dog owners and also who are thinking to buy more dogs in future.
  • This dog collar has 0-27 levels of corrections. So that you can use this collar for all sizes of dogs from small to very large. It works very well for the stubborn dog as well.
  • Dogtra Brand Remote Training Systems 1 to 4 Dogs covers around ½ miles area accurately.
  • Dogtra Brand Remote Training Systems contains rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.
  • Having Low battery indicator will give you the exact charge health of the battery. As an indicator, it has 3 bar battery life graph.
  • To see the stimulation level and to control the dog’s behavior properly it has LCD screen display.
  • Along with Shocking stimulation, it has vibration mode as well. So for early training or very obedient dog training could be possible without shocking.
  • The Whole system receiver along with transmitter is waterproof from rain or water.
  • This dog collar system has a feature to see the stimulation level in the dark or low light conditions.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Things we Liked” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#F7FCF4″ border=”#03c100″]

  • WaterProof Transmitter and Receiver
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Has LCD screen display to see accurate level of corrections
  • Battery life indicator
  • Stimulation level could be seen in the dark or low light

[thrive_custom_box title=”Things We didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”]

  • Battery Life is not so long
  • Not so perfect for smaller dog
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PetSafe Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer

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PetSafe Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer is good for both big dog and little dog training. It is named in Big dog remote trainer but still have a package for a little dog. And both system package works great for both big and small dog.

This petsafe elite big dog remote trainer collar works great to train your big dog especially. You can control your dog even from 1k yards away. Below is given few of its highlighted features:

Features At a Glance
  • PetSafe Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer has 15 adjustable levels of correction to apply. Along with static corrections, it has great beep only mode which will help you to teach your dog general commands and behavior.
  • The most gentle feature of this dog system is the collar delivers safe and moderate corrections to your dog which is not harmful at all.
  • For big dog package, it will cover 900-meter range and for a small dog, it will cover around 350-meter yards.
  • Both big dog and little dog package are waterproof even under 5 feet of water.
  • The system is fully rechargeable. As you can recharge and reuse daily without spending a single dime.
  • PetSafe Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer collar can train 2 dogs simultaneously. But it will contain only 1 collar in the package.
  • Big dog package is designed for more than 40 pounds dog and the little dog is little bit adjustable such 8 pounds to 40 pounds dog.
  • This dog collar system fits neck size up to 30” and Little dog package will fit neck size up to 22”. So there is no tension about collar size. Because this is fully adjustable with your dog neck.
  • This unit is also perfect for both outdoor hiking and walking with your dog.

[thrive_custom_box title=”Things we Liked” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#F7FCF4″ border=”#03c100″]

  • Reliable and versatile dog collar unit
  • Waterproof submersible up to 5 feet
  • 2 sizes available for both small and big dog
  • 15 levels of corrections with tone-only mode
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Control dog from 1000 yard away

[thrive_custom_box title=”Things We didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”]

  • Waterproof but not so effective on salty water
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Things To Consider When Buying a Dog Collar

When you are going to choose a dog collar, you should read dog shock collar reviews first. Also you should keep in mind few important things related to your dog and dog collar. Otherwise, you may choose the wrong one. Consequently, your money will be lost along with discomfort for your dog. So let’s see those important factors:

Collar Size

The first important thing is collar size and this is the main criteria or specification to see at the first look. Will this collar fit your dog or not? It depends on only selecting the right size collar for the dog. The maximum dog collar is between 5 inches to 28 inches sizes neck dog. And this is matter of happiness as a dog lover, that most of the dog breeds support these dog collar except your dog is too tiny or too big. But for caution, you must see the collar size in the specification before buying.


Range is another important factor for a dog trainer. There are lots of dog trainer with lots of types. Some trainer or dog lover who is willing to train their dog have limited sizes of the yard and some have a wide range of open space to go through. In both cases, the range is very important.

You should first decide for which purpose would you like to train your dog? Is it for hunting? Or general obedient training? Or anything else?

If it’s for hunting, You may go through with a dog collar with long range. Because hunting area should be very wide and large area. If you want to train for general purpose then you may select the medium or short range Dog shock collar.


This feature will save your money a lot. You know a non-rechargeable or one-time disposal battery need to be changed after a period of time. But for a rechargeable collar unit, there is no hassle to buy an extra battery which saves money. But you may now wonder how long last a charge?

Its era of science and most of the collar unit is made by cutting edge technology. Because one-time charge may last for 50/70 hours. This is pretty long time as a rechargeable device.

Lightweight Collar

The Lightweight collar is an advantage for a dog. No Animal don’t want to wrap extra unwanted and heavy things like the collar in its neck. So don’t choose a unit which has a heavy collar. With proper functionality with quality, you should keep in mind about your dog health.

Different Levels of Corrections: Different levels of correction allow you to set correction according to your dog sizes and temperament.Like I said earlier, Collar size should be adjustable with dog neck. Not only collar size but also correction level should adjustable to your dog body structure.

For big size dog and stubborn dog, it is needed to apply the highest correction. But what now if your dog is a small size or a dog which is very obedient? For this types of small and obedient dog, very low correction should apply. So choose a dog collar unit which has a system to change the levels of corrections.


Most of us don’t care about this factor. We always think which specification collar unit would fit my dog? Such as size, range, correction etc. But we should also keep this mind carefully that this dog collar shock collar should be comfortable for your dog.

your dog will never be easy with this collar system Unless collar and total system is not comfortable to your dog. Therefore, You would not be able to train your dog properly. Accordingly, your money, time and the total plan will be useless.

Availability of Vibration & Tone

Like another dog lovers, I also like this features very much. I know dog collar is reputed for its shock given to the dog. This shock is very effective and 100% safe for your dog as well.

But I do a little bit extra care to my dog. Except for very big size dog and Stubborn dog, I always start training with Vibration and Sound beeping mode. If it not works, then I go for little shock and then gradually increase it does not work.

Believe me, Most obedient and small dog performs very well with Vibration or Tone mode. So why would we apply electric shock? If vibration and tone, mode works well.

Also, check this features in your dog training shock collar system.

Adjustment with your dog Temperament

There are lots of types of dog in the world. So keep in mind before buying a collar that buys this collar according to your dog temperament. Along with size, look at the weight of your dog to match the collar properly.

Product Reputation

Lots of dog owner ignore this section before buying dog training shock collar. A Company always says that their product is the best and perfect for your need. Never give your ear to this, unless you have got a good reputation about this products.

So How would you get this product reputation? It’s simple, Just analyze the user experience and feedback. But you don’t need to tense about this section. Because we already did this for you after analyzing more that 100 of products. We came up in front of you with top 5 products here.

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Never Purchase Cheap Training Collar! Why?

When you explore dog collar thoroughly, you may find lots of dog shock collar reviews with specification at very cheap price. Now you think, why should not i buy these cheap dog collar? Since there are lots of dog fence collar at such cheap price.

In the market, there is 2 types of dog training shock collar in the market. one type of dog collar comes with very professional quality but at very high price. And another type is very cheap than other type but this one is not up to the marked.

Your dog is very much valuable to you. So you should not take any risk about them(dogs). As i said earlier, it works by giving a mild shock to the dog. But for advanced technology, it is 100% safe for your dog.

Now do you think? A cheap device can contain very advanced technology which is safe for your dog? Here are few points:

  • A Quality dog collar never gives your dog harmful corrections.
  • It will work even few hundreds yard away accurately.
  • It has advance Shut off technology for dog safety.
  • A cheap dog collar never affords to give above 3 facilities to your dog. What happens, if this cheap dog collar shocks your dog very strongly whether its level doesn’t work accurately? I know it’s very very bad and inhumanity for your lovely dog.

So Most of the expert say that don’t buy any cheap dog collar.

Benefits of using Dog Shock Collar

Now you are going to invest money for your lovely dog. It’s time to let you know the few benefits of using this dog training shock collar. Below is given the main positive sides of this collar:

Train your dog properly:

The main objective of buying a dog training shock collar is to train your dog properly. A dog is a Creature and it can not learn without getting training from a human. Honestly, with the empty hand, you could not do anything for your dog, especially in the case of training your dog. A dog collar can make the things very easy.

This dog collar is the best method to train them properly. Since you are very interested in keeping your dog beside you every time, So that proper training is a compulsory factor to keep this friend with your all the time.

Control Unwanted Barking:

You may have a problem with your dog for barking all the time. Now listen to the interesting news that you are not only the sufferer in this case. In fact, most of the dog owner complain against dog for over barking.

Now it is very easy to prevent the dog from unwanted barking all the time by the bless of dog training shock collar. You don’t have any problem from neighbor or friends about your dog.

You will have a trigger or switch in your hand when your dog wears the collar. If your dog tries to bark overly, then you can switch the button to give it a little bit corrections. then your dog will be aware and understand that his barking is not allowed to his master at this time.

Control Dog Aggression:

Your dog is intelligent creature after human you know. But it is needed to train a dog properly to keep it with human environment. You may see lots of dogs are very aggressive with their behavior and some of the dog owner be always tensed about their dog if the dog harm to anybody?

Suppose, your dog bites to your neighbor and you are about to sentenced for a good amount of money! this is really unpredictable.

There is also great solution so that you can control your dog aggression and also aggressive behavior by training them properly with the wireless training collar.

Make your dog obedient:

As I said, Your dog needed to train them as like as other creatures though they are very intelligent. As a proud dog owner, you may like to have an obedient dog all the time.

It will not only give you pleasure but also make it more adorable to you. Accordingly your friends, neighbor, and the guest to your house will like your dog very much if your dog is obedient.

Obedient means it will comply with all of your instruction such as instruct your dog for going, moving, sitting etc. An obedient dog will go to the toilet when it is needed to get poop and it will response to a human love and instruction all the time.

So by training your lovely friend with wireless dog collar you can make your dog fully obedient as you want.

Prevent your dog from Digging:

Digging habit the ground, yard or lawn of your dog is instinctive. Every dog has this bad habit of spoiling their master yard or ground or house. Though your dog thinks that this is not an absolutely bad thing and it’s a good playing way for them.

We don’t want this bad habit. Lots of dog owner love landscape very much along with the dog. As they can invest a good amount to make their landscape more beautiful. And you like to keep your dog with you in this beautiful landscape. So digging the ground is not allowed.

To prevent this habit we can train them properly with dog training shock collar.

Control of Unwanted chewing:

Chewing is the another innate habit of every dog. sometimes we buy bone or another chewing toy for our dog. so that they can carry on this habit with that toy or bone.

But this is very unwanted if they chew the furniture set on outdoor or something valuable which will get spoiled by chewing.

So we need to make understand to our dog that chewing is only allowed for bone and his individual toy. So there is no alternate way of training dog properly. For this case, training collar works great.

Control Jumping:

Some dogs make jumps all the time and this is unwanted for us. If your dog jumps on your neighbor or friends and makes them afraid. What happened if your neighbor proceeds against you for making him afraid or something else. Absolutely we don’t want this.

The Best training collar can play a vital role to train your dog to prevent such unwanted things.

Save yard from destruction:

You are a nature lover as well as the pet. So you always try to decorate your house very beautifully along with your yard and lawn.

So now your lovely friends need to fall in love with this nature as like as you. At least we don’t want them doing any harm of our beautiful yard where we already invested a good amount of money in making it beautiful.

So how to do this? The only way is to make them trained as our expectation.

Be Assured:

By purchasing this training collar make you assured all the time. Because you don’t have any complaint about your dog from your neighbor or friends anymore. Your house, property, and other environment are fully safe from dog unwanted behavior.

So you can be assured all the time about your lovely friend.

Mentally Satisfaction:

Now this is the last stage of any dog owner who has a training collar for the dog. When you can be assured from other problem, A mental satisfaction will blow your mind all the time.

You can visit here and there leaving your dog in yard or house. You can also go outside with your dog as your dog has no more any unwanted behavior.

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Tips to using a Dog Training Collar:

After reading the whole writing, we have learned lots of learning throughout the article. Now it’s time to learn a little bit more about installing this product.

Purchasing the right product is not all thing. You also need to know install them correctly. Without installing properly you don’t have any positive result from your dog training.

You can say installing the collar is the first step of dog training. So now let’s go deeper.

Unbox The Package

Unboxing the package is the primary step. You should receive a complete package including Transmitter or remote control, Receiver collar, Charger with Charging Cable, Test bulb and contact points or pair of prongs.

Of course, you will have a manual or instruction books in the box inside. So follow the instructions written in the book carefully.

Now it’s time to join the contact points with the receiver collar. And then Place the collar on your dog neck. Before placing collar on dogs neck, you should have in your knowledge few things such as:

  • The collar should fit with your dog neck size properly
  • Keep in mind that collar is not so tight or not so loose.
  • The collar should place on the upper portion of the neck, as almost close to the Ear.
  • The Collar contact points or prongs should in touch with the skin accurately. Otherwise, it doesn’t work.
  • After placing collar insert your 2 fingers beneath the collar to understand that collar fits with dogs neck appropriately.
  • Just keep observation all the time after placing the collar on dogs neck. So that it feels comfortable with this collar system. And don’t show any abnormal behavior.

Place the Collar:

Now you know perfectly which things consider placing a collar on a dog’s neck. And also you should keep open the instruction guide along with. Just set the collar according to instruction and place it on your dog’s neck carefully.

Cut off the Excess part of the collar which is unnecessary to your dog. Now your dog is free and ready for training.

When Should use the Collar:

Remember, You should not use the collar all the time. Because your dog may need rest or sleep and your dog likes to be free from other unnecessary thing while sleeping. So only use and place the collar before training or roaming outside.

The main objective of using the collar is to train It and Make it obedient. So apply correction when you need to enforce an order to your dog. The collar will tell your dog that it should pay extra attention to its master command. So don’t use collar all the time.

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Training your dog:

Now it’s time to make a schedule to train your dog. You can start training with a basic command such as go ahead, stop, move, jump, dig and much more.

You can follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer. It will help you to see the future step of training gradually.

Honestly, A perfect training doesn’t depend on A Good collar but also a good trainer. Of course, you should use good quality collar your dog safety. But to train your dog properly you need to be a good trainer to finish the training session successful.

If you can make the training session joyful to your dog, your dog will learn very quickly. But remember in mind, training time may vary dog to dog. Every dog would not learn in the same duration. Some dogs need more time and some dogs need less time. So you should patient while training. Because it may need more time as you assumed.


After reading this best dog shock collar reviews, you can choose perfect fence collar to train your dog. A good quality Dog Training shock Collar or Dog shock collar will make your job easier. It will have accurate command with accurate correction level which helps your dog to understand your command. Of course, you will have to be a good trainer along with having good training collar.

The Combination of both aspects will train your dog properly withing a short period of time. Hope this best dog training collar reviews will help you a lot. Now pick up a training collar from our selected 5 and make your dog into an adorable and obedient friend of you.

We have also Another researched writing on Best Wireless dog fence. You can read this review as well.

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