Best dog clippers Reviews

Do you want to see your dog looking smooth and better than other dogs? Do you really want to see it feeling happy? If yes, you have now many smarter ways. You can now use good quality or best dog clippers. Let’s have a look at 5 dog clippers reviews…

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If you groom your hair regularly, why don’t do the same for your dog? It also needs to feel fresh in summer out of thick fur. Please do not afraid if you can’t spend much money.

You can now buy professional grooming equipment which is both affordable and handy. Also, there are high performing clippers in markets. Here we’re trying to help you choosing your best clippers according to blades, designs, durability, sizes and weights, performances and so on.

What is Dog Clipper?

Dog clipper is an electric tool having sharp teeth like blades. The blades are tiny and run by a strong motor. The speed of blades is measured as strokes per minute like 2500 or 4000 strokes per minute.

So, when you gently push a dog clipper over your dog, it will instantly trim your dog’s hair. A dog clipper can either have cord or not. It can be heavy or light. It can either contain detachable blades or a fixed one. Some clippers are noisier and some are made with a quiet motor.

If you are a professional, you need a more durable clipper. Some clippers provide double speed option and rest others run with constant speed. You have to find the best clipper according to your dog’s coat’s criteria and many others.

Some clippers are noisier and some are made with a quiet motor. If you are a professional, you need a more durable clipper. Some clippers provide double speed option and rest others run with constant speed. You have to find the best clipper according to your dog’s coat’s criteria and many others.

How it works?

A cordless dog clipper runs with a lithium ion battery. But, it can provide a good service for about one hour. A corded clipper runs with external power supply. When you turn on a clipper, it starts vibrating.

This is because of the strokes of its tiny blades. The blades are specially made to cut furs of a dog easily. The strokes of blades create heat energy. Do you want your dog to get injured by your clipper?

So, you have to take care of your dog while maneuvering this clipper. Do not attach blades directly to your pet. It will get frightened for an injurious experience. Just use it over your coat by maintaining the least distance of its skin below fur.  All clippers are of two types according to stroke speed.

  • Single-speed Dog clippers
  • Variable-speed Dog clippers

Only the second types of clippers are functioned to change their stroke speeds. A clipper comb helps you to maintain the amount of trimming.

Analyze your need

Various criteria are needed to consider. For example:

  • Do you want to buy a clipper for professional use?
  • What is your dog’s coat type?
  • What kind of grooming are you going to set?
  • Do you have many dogs (How frequent will you be using the clippers)?
  • How to choose blade size?

If you decide to buy a clipper for professional use, please DO NOT think of its price!! Because a clipper of excellent quality is more durable and reliable.

If you are an amateur user, a single-speed clipper is best for you. Here, you don’t need to face troubles of changing its stroke speed. If you just want to trim your dog’s coat occasionally, you don’t need to spend too much for a clipper.

Now if you think to give your dog an attractive look, you may search for a mid-level price clipper. A simple quality clipper just provides only basic level performances.

However, a professional groomer uses a multiple speed setting clipper with several blades to choose customer’s requirements. The blade sizes depend on your dog’s coat. A puppy and a matured dog don’t need the same blade!!

Best Dog Clippers Reviews

Here I have tried to present you best clippers reviews of the market. I have also tried to review products from popular brands like Andis, Oster and Wahl. In this review, I have mentioned five clippers according to their specifications.

Among them, first three clippers are best according to most reviewers and experts. Those clippers provide best performances. The rest ones are nearly best and affordable. Now, please look at the clippers name and blades. I am going to describe features after that.

Oster Professional Turbo A5 2-Speed Heavy Duty Detachable Blade Animal Clipper

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The Oster Turbo A5 professional animal clipper is an excellent dog clipper. If you seek for a high-quality clipper with a medium price, this clipper is for you. Even If you have a little budget, you can own it. It contains nearly all the excellent specifications in comparison to all market products.

This clipper is an efficient, fast and easy way to groom pets and livestock. Superior performance is processed by a heavy-duty universal motor. So, this clipper does not suddenly break and stop, unlike plastic clippers.

Its two speeds are adjusted to tackle any coat or mat. Lots of professional groomers and home pet owners are using this product. You can make a right choice of buying this and feel its experience. The brand Oster is a leading brand of clippers.

Features At a Glance
  • It has a powerful, heavy-duty, 2-speed universal motor which delivers 3000 SPM / 4000 SPM (strokes per minute). This is really a high speed. This speed ensures a smooth cut.
  • Speeds of blades are changeable. So, you can feel the benefits of both the high speed and super high speed.
  • In spite of a high speed, this clipper makes less noise. So, this is comfortable for both of you and your pet.
  • It suits with dogs, cats, horses and livestock. That means, if you have this clipper, you can use this for various pets. Only one clipper meets your lots of needs.
  • Its blade change system is known as ‘detachable A5 blade system’. This makes blade changes quick and easy. So, if you use this clipper too much, your blade will become dull. But, you don’t need to have a tension for this. You can easily change blades and get the performance like a new clipper.
  • It includes various other accessories like Oster #10 blade, Blade Oil, Clipper Grease, Cleaning Brush and Replacement Carbon Brushes. So, you don’t need to buy these accessories manually. Finding appropriate accessories is really a challenge.
  • This clipper is made in the USA with all of its parts.
  • This clipper is round in shape which gives your hand an extra comfort.
  • There is almost no chance of breaking of blades. So, you don’t need to tense for your pet’s injury.
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  • Full tooth pattern of blades
  • Heavy duty motor
  • Works excellent on all coat types
  • Recommended for newer & professional groomers
  • Under ‘detachable A5 blade system’ blades can be changed at times
  • High performance in lower price
  • Less noise
  • Lots of accessories attached with a full packet
[/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_first][one_half_last] [thrive_custom_box title=”Things We didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”]
  • Heat tends to increase. Needs spray for cooling
  • May need ‘customer servicing

Andis ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper, Professional Animal Grooming, AGC2

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This Andis ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper is a high performing standard professional clipper. It is compatible with every type of dog’s coats. On the market, this is one of the best dog clippers. It does not get hot. It also runs smoothly without noise. So, this is definitely comfortable for your adorable pet.

If you are passionate for a good clipper, why do not you agree to spend a handsome amount?

Features At a Glance
  • This Clipper runs without noise. So, if your dog faces this clipper for the first time, it will easily accept this clipper’s presence. Both of you and your pet will feel the comfortable environment.
  • The motor of this clipper is extra powerful. So, you can ensure the long-life durability of this one.
  • No maintenance or extra oil is needed for internal parts. The clipper is sealed with necessary grease and oil. So, why will you be tensed for an extra care of this tool?
  • This clipper is cool. So, there is nearly no chance of burning experience for your dog.
  • This clipper is designed to change its blades. For this, you can add various sized and shaped blades according to your needs. A professional clipper requires the function of blade changes.
  • This clipper has a 14 feet cord. This heavy duty cord is too durable for several years.
  • This is perfect for all types of dog’s coats. So, you need not tensed about what type of coat you are trimming for.
  • You can change speeds to get the real benefits of cutting dog’s coats. When you cut a smooth coat, enjoy the benefit of high-speed function and low speed for cutting a curly coat.
  • A locking switch button is attached with this clipper which helps to prevent suddenly turning off.
  • This clipper has also a drive cap to clean its blades easily.
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  • High-quality clipper for professional users
  • Maintenance troubles free
  • Powerful motor
  • Perfect for all types of coats
  • Locking switch
  • No noise
  • Blade changing function
  • Easy cleaning of blades
  • Cool-running function
  • A 14 feet heavy-duty cord
[/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_first][one_half_last] [thrive_custom_box title=”Things We didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”]
  • Tends to get hot after a long use without ceramic blades

Wahl ARCO SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper Kit by Wahl Professional Animal

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Here I’ve mentioned about an excellent cordless clipper if you are passionate about buying a cordless one.

Wahl ARCO SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper is a nice cordless clipper for professionals. It has not only a high-class performance but also two long durable batteries. These batteries work well for 80 minutes at a stretch. Wahl is a very popular brand which produces various types of trimmers. So you can trust this product for enjoying excellent performance.

This clipper is a lightweight one and easy to use. Wahl has lots of colorful collection including champagne, chrome, pink, purple, teal and so on.

Features At a Glance
  • Though this is a cordless clipper, but it is recommended for professional use. Because it is overall an excellent quality clipper for you.
  • Excellent quality of motor performs 5500 strokes per minute. This is an outstanding performance for a clipper.
  • This is a lightweight clipper. So, your hand may face less stress to handle this clipper for a long time. This will also help you reaching any place of your pet easily. Also helpful for trimming near sensitive places of your pet.
  • It has two powerful NiMH batteries. 80 minutes of service is not a little time!
  • Five blades are available in one size 9, 10, 15, 30, 40. So, this clipper easily glides on every coat efficiently and effectively. You can choose blade size according to your needs. You’re now ready to act as an excellent professional!
  • Clipper blades always run cool. No heat produces from here. This is good for your clipper’s motor. This also ensures comfort for your pet.
  • This clipper is making no noise. So, this is helpful for both of you and your pet.
  • It is 6.75 inches long and has a nice grip.
  • This clipper has one year warranty by the manufacturer. So, if you face any trouble with your clipper within a year, you can get free servicing.
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  • Cordless Clipper
  • Lightweight and professional standard
  • A good variety of blades
  • Colorful visual look
  • Two powerful NiMH batteries for 80 minutes of service
  • Cool running
[/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_first][one_half_last] [thrive_custom_box title=”Things We didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”]
  • Tends to get hot after a long use
  • More Fragile than other clippers

Oster Power Max 2-speed Clippers with CryogenX Antimicrobial Blade

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This low-cost corded clipper is very effective in action. It can trim like professional grooming standards. It has a higher popularity among users. Though it does not cost high, but it provides 2-speed facilities. So, new users can imitate a little of professional groomers by using this clipper.

The main reason for mentioning this clipper is, it has antimicrobial blades. These blades help reducing chances of bacterial infection. Blade removing and replacing option is also easier.

You can’t find an excellently working motor easily inside a low-cost clipper. So, you will not become unlucky buying this product!

Features At a Glance
  • A powerful magnetic rotary motor of this clipper produces 3700 to 4200 strokes speed. This is really a high speed for cutting various types of coats. This also provides a nice finishing.
  • It has CryogenX blades with AgION antimicrobial coating. This coating will reduce bacteria. So, you can easily trust this hygienic blade for your loving pet.
  • Blade changing system is easy and quick. A simple function is recommended for new users.
  • This clipper is coated outside with rubber. So, the grip will be nice and cool. You will be free from feeling heat produced from this clipper.
  • This is about 20 percent lighter than other same branded clippers. For this, it is really handy for use. You will easily handle this around your pet.
  • When buying this clipper you will get a standard Oster #10 blade, oil, grease, blade guard, cleaning brush and 2 extra drive tips.
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  • Antibacterial blades
  • Affordable range clipper
  • High Speed motor with two speeds
  • Very lightweight clipper
  • Two-speed functioning
  • Easy blade changing
  • Various accessories with the package
[/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_first][one_half_last] [thrive_custom_box title=”Things We didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”]
  • The common problem of being hot a little bit
  • Too noise-making clipper

Wahl Bravura Professional Cord/Cordless Pet Clipper Kit

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If you are affordable to get a valuable clipper, you should have this. You can either choose corded or cordless. Cordless clipper of this model provides 90 minutes full speed services. You may need to charge the battery for 60 minutes which is not too long.

This is a lightweight clipper having a nice shape to fit inside your grip. So it will not give strains on your hand. Though this clipper is lightweight, it has a high-speed motor with constant speed regulation facility. For your convenience, this clipper has made maintenance-free. You just need to clean blades.

Enjoy a noise and heat-free service from this clipper.

Features At a Glance
  • This is a lightweight clipper. So, your hands will find comfort using this.
  • This clipper contains a strong motor which produces 4800-5000 strokes per minute. This is recommended for a good-quality service. You can constantly control speed.
  • This clipper has both the types of corded and cordless. If you don’t buy the corded clipper, you can have a good experience from the cordless one. Because the cordless clipper is ready to perform for 100 minutes. But you need to recharge it about 60 minutes only.
  • Five blades are available in one size 9, 10, 15, 30, 40. So, when you select the right blade for right coat, this clipper easily glides on coats efficiently and effectively.
  • No maintenance or extra oil is needed for internal parts. The clipper is sealed with necessary grease and oil. So, why will you be tensed for an extra care of this tool?
  • Clipper blades always run cool with less vibration. No heat is producing.
  • This clipper is making no noise. So, this will be comfortable for your dog.
  • It is 7 inches long and has a nice grip.
  • This clipper has one year warranty by the manufacturer. So, you can either change it or get a free service by its manufacturer.
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  • Corded and Cordless clipper with the same model
  • Cordless clipper with a strong and durable battery
  • Strong motor, but lightweight
  • No noise
  • No heat
  • Easy cleaning
  • Interchangeable blades
  • No maintenance troubles
[/thrive_custom_box][/one_half_first][one_half_last] [thrive_custom_box title=”Things We didn’t Like” style=”dark” type=”color” color=”#FFF7F7″ border=”#E60E0E”]
  • Small handle for grip
  • Blade adjustment may face a few troubles

Things to consider buying a Dog Clippers

Before buying a dog clippers for your dog grooming. You may consider few relative term with dog clippers. Following points will teach you long details to choose your perfect dog clippers.

Corded or Cordless?

At first, I am going, to begin with the easiest topic. A cordless clipper is convenient to handle. On the other hand, a corded clipper has a faster strokes rate per minute.

So, it will be more helpful to trim your dog smoothly. It doesn’t run with a limited power source. You don’t need to face the trouble of frequently charging it. A professional groomer may not use a cordless clipper because the battery may tend to run out after an hour.

Frequent charging of batteries is really troublesome. However, you may easily move a cordless clipper to any hardly reachable place. If you have a few pets, you may trim your dogs with a single charge of clipper’s battery. Your dog may get puzzled if a clipper’s wire stuck as loops and start disturbing your dog’s legs.

Single or Variable Speeds

When you become an expert of using clippers on your dog, you will gradually know the conveniences of using the right speed. For example, you are now cutting your dog’s coat which is thick. If you cut it with a high strokes speed, your clipper may face troubles and its motor may suddenly fail.

High stroke speed is mainly helpful to give a plain finishing over your dog’s coat. However, you have to remember that, a dog’s clipper’s motor is stronger than a human clipper.

Besides, remember that, if you are a new user; I recommend you to buy a single speed clipper. This clipper will run with a constant speed. You do not know how much speed is suitable to which places.

The speed has been set with a necessary stroke number per minute. That stroke speed is medium and helpful with most of the fur patterns of dogs. Also, a single-speed clipper does not easily become overheated.

Clipper’s Blade (Most important)

Blades are most important part of choosing your preferable clippers. Because, if you do trimming of your dog’s coat most often, or professional user, you need a clipper which’s blades are interchangeable.

Now, blades are made up of metal alloys from titanium, chrome, carbon or silver. They give an excellent service. But, you have to keep in mind that, overheating the blades may result in risks of you clipper’s motor. Also, it may burn your loving pet. Here, ceramic made blades are helpful. Because they don’t get overheat easily.

Besides, I am trying a little to inform about various blades. If your blade is chrome finishing, they will provide better resistance to rust. Blades infused with carbon have sharper and harder edge. Silver is used for its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

If you want a sharp quality of cut, you may need to change your blades frequently (after a certain numbers/hours of uses).

You will also try to choose rust free blades. If you don’t use your clipper for several months, blades will be rough due to rust.

There is also an important fact. If you are a professional groomer, you have to use your clipper more often. So, you also need to change your blades after a certain period. If your clipper doesn’t function of changing blades, you will definitely be a loser.

Clippers Combs

A clipper comb has various sizes. It helps to control the depth of fur cut. That means nearly ensuring an even trim all over the dog’s body. For example, you are now choosing a long teethed comb over your clipper.

When you apply the clipper that will cut your dog’s coat leaving a longer length of fur. The comb will also help the fur to reach clipper’s blade evenly.

Less Noise

You may consider two regular tools of your home are now with you. They are a blender and a hairdryer. Do you like their constant buzzing noise? You may wonder why I am going to tell about these.

I am telling you because your dog’s hearing sense is four times as sensitive as you. If you use a noise-creating clipper, do you think your dog will feel comfortable? It may get nervous and scared. However, if you apply trimming on your dog with a clipper when it is a puppy, it may not easily get scared in future.

So, please try to choose a clipper having a quiet motor before purchasing. When you are at the shop, try to consult a little with the salesman.

Clipper Design

Various brands are producing attractively designed dog clippers. Here we are going to discuss most popular 3 brands – Oster, Andis and Wahl. Their quality and designs both are outstanding.

All designers emphasize on good grips and blades. A well-fitted rubber gripper over the clipper ensures anti-slip. There are more other brands. But, before purchasing your clipper, it is wise to check customer reviews.

The blades are well fitted on the top of the clipper. They are set nearly vertical to the axis of the clipper hand. Some clippers have lock switch which is useful in certain cases.

Size & Weight

As a starter, you may use a light and compact clipper. This will be helpful to maneuvering around your dog by reaching its hard-to-reach spots.

A light clipper is also helpful for a professional because he/she may face strains on his hands if he works for a long time with a heavy clipper. For this reason, if you have multiple dogs, you may choose a light-weight clipper. Now most manufacturers are creating clippers which provide a good grip.


This is a good question. A good clipper even spoils without taking proper care. If your clipper is not properly and regularly maintained and oiled, blades will miss furs and cut unevenly. That may result in a sudden cut in the skin. Before oiling, you must check which oil is recommended for your clipper. Also, try to clean your blades before and after every use.

If you want more durability, you may search your clipper’s manufacturer’s website for more tips.

Smooth Performance

Smooth performance depends on various reasons. For examples: if your trimmer is well functioned, you may expect a smooth cut on your dog. Besides, your dog’s coat type is also another reason.

All coats do not need smooth trimming. This is impossible to apply on every type too. I am going to say a little about all major types of dog’s coat on the next point. If you have one of the two dogs like Bull Terrier, Daschund etc. you can easily perform a smooth cut on their coat.

Can I Shave My Dog With Regular Human Hair Clippers?

This is really a nice question. Thank you so much. You may have a try at least once!!

Actually, your hair clipper has fewer teeth per blade than a dog’s clipper. Besides, the motor of your hair clipper is weaker to cut your dog’s coat. If you apply this over your dog, the risk will be yours. Because your blades will soon become dull. The fur will stick with your trimmer and make it unusable.

Dog Coat type

There are various types of dog’s coat. Some of them are:

Smooth Coat (Examples: Bull Terrier, Daschund)
These Dogs are easier to groom. You just need to focus on the quality of trimming. These dogs do not need more often grooming. Shampoo and Conditioner will help hair shine. Also, they will help to repel dust and dirt.

Double Coat (Examples: Rottweiler, Husky, Collie and Chow)
These dogs are either short-haired or long-haired.

Wire Coat (Examples: Airedales, Irish Wolfhound)
This type of coat is also known as another name such as Broken Coat.

Curly Coat (Examples: Bichon Frise, Poodle)
This coat type has thick and soft curls very close to dog’s body.

Long Coat (Examples: Lhasa Apso, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, Maltese)
This coat type dog has either unpolished or silky type of coat. You have to search for wise decisions for setting a nice style for your dog.

Hairless Coat (Examples: Inca Orchid, Mexican Hairless)
Dogs having this type coat has very tiny hair on their skin. For this, dogs look bare skinned. They need not brushing, but bathing.

Tips for using Clippers

Here is a guideline to use your clipper. If you maintain it, your work will be successful with fewer troubles.

Prepare your dog
Wash your dog with shampoo. Then, dry it properly. This process will help you cut with fewer troubles. Grooming will not become difficult.

Check your clipper
Check your clipper’s power source and motor. If it runs properly, it’s okay for taking a nice action.

Oil your blades
If you start using your clipper after a long time, you need to oil its blades. Choosing the standard oil will be recommended.

Select necessary accessories
You need a comb and slicker brush with your clipper. Next, you must choose necessary blade size according to your dog’s coat.

Check about less noise

Test different clippers which produce less noise. Because loud noises can distract your dog by surprising it. This will be helpful for both of you and your dog.

Maintain your Speed
If you push your clipper too fast, it may unevenly cut your dog’s coat which may not look better. So, don’t haste. Maintain a reasonable speed according to your expertise.

Push towards the right direction
If you push your clipper against your dog’s hair growth direction, you’ll make your dog’s coat full of harsh lines. A smooth cut will shine like natural cutting.

Start early
If you have a puppy, train it with your clipper. Don’t wait. If it gets used to facing a clipper, it won’t get confused in future. They will behave better.

Do not injure your dog
Keep your clipper sharp. Otherwise, it may pull dog’s hair and injure it.

Careful about blades if they get too hot
Do not turn on your clipper for continuous uses. Take a little break after short times. Get a practice of using your clipper to identify when it turns too hot. Because you may injure your dog with a hot clipper. For this, please maintain some rules:

  • Use clipper coolant or lubricant
  • Change your blades and try to fit cooler ones
  • Use several clippers (if you have many other spare ones)

Apply your clipper carefully
If your dog stands still, you will get benefits using your clipper. So, arrange a position for your dog so that it feels comfortable and don’t move unnecessarily. Also, hold your dog to stop it doing sudden movements. Start shaving from dog’s neck. Then, gradually move towards back legs. Next, do the rest areas.

Know your dog’s coat
If you do not have a practical idea about trimming your dog, it’s smart to go to a professional groomer. After observing his process you will have a clear idea about trimming your dog’s coat. Have a little discussion with your pet’s groomer.

Final Verdict

After reading a lot, now you know a lot about various types of best dog clippers reviews. I request you not to hurry for buying a clipper blindly. If you don’t want to buy a professional clipper, you may search for affordable ones. But if you are aware of market trends, you will easily find low-cost clippers which are nearly equivalent to professional standards.

In this article, I have tried my best to represent five clippers as an expert. In this review, you have found both top and reasonable standard products. You may find many others. Here, you have to be careful about your needs. If you have multiple pets, you need a clipper which has the option of ‘changeable blades’. Also, professional groomers need this option.

If you need to use your clipper more often, you should try for corded clippers. External batteries can’t provide several hours of services and need charging. Also, blades and other facilities are important that I have discussed above. All above, wish you good luck. Let you have the best dog clipper.

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